After World War II there was a concerted effort masterminded by the State Department, and supported by many prominent Americans, to immigrate a great number of former Nazis into the US. The majority came from Byelorussia, a nation of Slavic tribes land locked between Eastern Europe and Russia. It was here where some of the most brutal atrocities took place during World War II. Some of these citizens served with the Nazi SS and became known as the “Belarus Brigade.” The Eisenhower Administration simply winked at the discovery that many of these ex-Nazis had a war-crime background. The secret immigration of ex-Nazis and cover-up became known as the “Belarus Secret.” They settled in South River, NJ, where those still alive and subsequent generations live to this day. They even have their own cemetery where the sign on the padlocked front gate says, “Belarus SS.”

Before the Germans invaded Poland, there were considerable ties between Hitler and the West. British wire tappers confirmed FBI Hoover’s suspicion that Edward, the Duke of Windsor, was a Nazi agent. After he was forced to abdicate the throne in 1936, Edward and his American wife Wallace Simpson visited Hitler and betrayed the entire plan of the “Maginot Line” to the Third Reich. A British diplomat pleaded with American investigators not to reveal that their king was a Nazi traitor.

Though JFK and GW Bush were innocent, it was well known that the Kennedy and Bush family two generations back were heavily invested in Hitler.  The Harriman family, Kissinger, the Dulles brothers and six American banks all participated in the Belarus Secret.

What was the rationale for this mass immigration into America? It was conventional military wisdom in the West that confrontation with the Soviets was inevitable and it was essential that the West have an intelligence apparatus to keep track of what the Soviets were up to. A defeated Germany provided a ready-made excellent spy system which even had moles in Russia. So it seemed smart to recruit the ex-Nazis.

When law clerk John Loftus joined the Crime Division of the OSI with super-secret clearance and became a Nazi war crime hunter, he went to the archives in Suitland, outside of Washington DC where government secrets are buried. There he put together a partial database of Nazi war criminals. But with war long over, the Reagan administration was less than enthusiastic about opening the secret vaults and told Loftus to ignore what he had seen about how the Nazis came into America and concentrate on throwing them out. Not willing to participate in the cover-up, Loftus quit his cushy government job and went on his own to bring the criminals to justice. 

Loftus raided history professor Alex Dallin’s office at Stanford University and found a trove of files on Einsatzgruppen (killing squads) report, records of SS killing units in East Europe. Then the Loftus group hatched a brilliant plan to track the members of the terrorist network. They set up a private phone company and mailed out advertisements that included a pre-paid cell phone card. Finally one of the idiots in the clan fell for the scheme and actually used the phone card. In one stroke the Loftus Company became the Muslim Brotherhood’s phone service. As a lawful phone company, they purchased the phone bill of every customer contacted and cross-matched the bills against terrorist attacks of Hamas, PIJ (Palestine Islamic Jihad) and Al Qaeda, all of which are subsidiaries of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is funded by the Saudi Kingdom.

They ran their phone numbers through military intelligence’s terrorist data base. It lit up like a Christmas tree. Their little phone company provided US intelligence with a complete map of every terrorist cells world-wide. They made the map public. Loftus’ Muslim Brotherhood Map may be the secret why there has not been a single successful terrorist attack in the U.S. since 9/11.

It’s no secret that post-war America kissy faced with totalitarian regimes. FDR once answered his critics, “Sure Trujillo (dictator of Dominican Republic) is an SOB but he is our SOB.” Roosevelt and subsequent presidents have realized that in a volatile world that it is prudent to deal with unsavory characters like a Mubarak, Gaddafi and Assad, even though we don’t like them.

Strangely, Obama has a different world-view. He thinks he is encumbered to re-arrange the world to his likings. He harbors the dumb notion that if we rid the world of these tyrants, that democracy will automatically flower in the region. He either naively or deliberately ignores the fact that the rebellion in the Middle-East is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, the modern offshoot of the WWII Arab Nazis.

Does Obama have the slightest inkling that his “Arab Spring” rebels are part of a terrorist network out to destroy Israel and America? But then again maybe he does. Why else would he bow to a Wahhabist King, throw Israel under the bus on several occasions, snuff Netanyahu on his visit to the White House and advocate elevating Muslims around the world? If the link is real then it is probably more guarded than the Belarus Secret.