Propaganda was the key to victory for the communists in the Russian Revolution of 1917. Less than ten percent of the population was communist, but that ten percent controlled the media of the day. The communist mastery of propaganda was stronger, simpler, more centralized and more national in its delivery thanks to a fawning, “no-nothing” media. The communists simply emulated the French media in the day of the French Revolution and modernized the system to the time period. Lenin, who was a lawyer as well as a revolutionary, found himself arrested many times before being exiled to Switzerland after frequent stays in Siberia. It was in Switzerland where he set the “useful idiots” to work doing the dirty work of the revolution through his journalistic prowess.

You never see a member of the Islamic Revolution hierarchy strap a bomb to their chest do you? The leaders of the progressives always seem to be above the fray while fomenting revolution and accumulating personal wealth. The Russian progressive leaders instituted a national newspaper that ran the propaganda machine and that form of media dictated to the community organizers the political work to be done. Those assignments would include such things as stirring up actions to support the unemployment movement, lower class riots, and discontent among local governments against the national government. Sound familiar? Do Obama and Chicago come to mind?

History shows that it took seventy years for the Russian people to finally throw off most of the chains of progressive inspired slavery to the central government. One of the first orders given was to rid Russia of a smothering progressive income tax, for it was Lenin who said that the quickest method to destroy a democracy was to institute a progressive income tax. When progressive darling Woodrow Wilson arrived on the scene he copied the Russian progressive movement’s playbook, modernized it and took America to places Teddy Roosevelt could only dream of going. Wilson was narrowly elected in 1916 when he promised the American people he would not go to war in Europe (WWI) and clandestinely to re-institute the American Bank cartel which was broken up by Andrew Jackson. The new world banker’s cartel would be known as the Federal Reserve which continues to mismanage the world’s economy to this day for progressive purposes.

When a German socialist leader named Adolph Hitler was ascending to power in Germany, his propaganda minister Goebbles stated that he learned all of his propaganda lessons from Wilson. It should also be noted that another part of Wilson’s progressive legacy to the Germans was euthanasia. Some of Wilson’s followers such as Margaret Sanger believed they and their ilk should be able to decide who lived or died when looking at a person’s physical or mental challenges and ethnic lines. The pro-abortionists “plus” of their time! Of course, we all know of the German National Worker’s Socialist Party, aka NAZI, view on this matter. So, as Americans drift along viewing mind numbing television, enjoying a progressively watered down version of public education and the destruction of our national morality, one can only hope we wake up before we totally succumb to communism or progressivism as it is known today. I won’t be here seventy years from now to take part in the American recovery... if it comes.

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