Our Lady Vols didn’t make it to the final four this year. That was especially sad because of their legendary coach, Pat Summitt, but it didn’t affect the respect the state feels for her. In May she will be named Tennessean of the Year for her courage in announcing her medical condition to the world last August. She received this award of honor first in 1988 and now she is the only person to receive it twice.

Last week it was disclosed that the coaches of this year’s winner of the national women’s championship, Baylor, have been involved in a three-year investigation by the NCAA. It began during the recruitment of Britteny Griner in 2008. Coaches in both the men’s and women’s basketball programs are involved over infractions in recruiting.

Kim Mulkey, coach of the national champions and an unprecedented 40-0 season, has been barred from recruiting off campus in July and she will be allowed two fewer scholarships. Sadly, the Baylor women’s hard-fought victory will always carry a footnote.

The dark side of life shows up in many places; even nature. I saw a poll that asked adults with lawns to rate the most aggravating weeds to tackle. The dandelion topped the list, followed by crabgrass.

I have battled dandelions in lawns in many states. I appreciated their sunny faces but they did not belong in a well cared for lawn. Even though I spent hours digging them out I knew they would return almost immediately. At least I was getting some good exercise fighting an unconquerable enemy.

Often actions that some think show the dark side of life are disputed. Dress codes are one example. Sometimes they are called droopy drawers and other times baggy pants but they expose a lot of bare skin. It is said because prisoners were not allowed to have belts their pants dropped lower and lower. It didn’t take long for the idea to move outside jails to the street.

Eventually it became so common a number of state legislatures acted to ban the practice of no belts. Tennessee is the latest to join the parade of trying to pass laws which would bring penalties to anyone in droopy drawers.

Boys are not alone in offending dress codes. The young female population goes even farther in displaying bare skin. They are quick to follow what celebrities wear from split skirts to tops that show lots of cleavage and backs that are open. This spring top fashion designers are adding midriff-baring styles.

With spring comes the high school prom and many schools have dress codes for that once-in-a-lifetime event. As prom dresses became more and more revealing schools published their rules for acceptable prom attire.

One mother took daughter to look for a prom gown and was surprised when her son went along. He was invaluable in the search. Daughter tried on dresses and son vetoed any that were too revealing. He explained he did not want any guys looking at her like that because there is a difference in looking beautiful and crossing the line. Just proves a brother is better than any dress code.

Girls should be interested in another young man’s opinion of dating girls who choose revealing clothes. He said, “I think women can be sexy, appropriate and self-respecting without being too revealing. When I see a girl wearing something over the top I am embarrassed for her.”