Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

More than 142 years have passed and the South has risen from the ashes. Many of the Union's great-grandchildren have made their way south. The South now has the most money, jobs, and best climate to bring them here. The South can be proud it isn't a rust belt area. Our enterprisers have made this part of America the most desired place to live. Due to Margaret Mitchell's book (fiction) and the movie, people had the wrong impression about this area. When you come here from the other parts of the country, you have to see the pride and ability to rebound.

The filming of Gone With The Wind told a story that lacked facts. Margaret Mitchell was a southerner from Atlanta, GA, and in her writing she did not tell both sides. My experience is, the South is more tolerant than Northern and Western states. The African-Americans have made great strides since 1865.

As readers can tell, I am not a great fan of the story. Of course the slavery issue still burns in people's hearts. This shall never be repeated again in America. Yes, plantation life did vanish, but small farmers gained. The destruction of the South was nothing to be proud of, yet it cleared the way for modern growth. Financial institutions, the music industry, movie making, carpet and textiles, automotive, computers, and many other innovated industries are locating here.

Outsourcing jobs has hurt the northern states. The South has responded with new jobs for most of those lost. If a foreign country can make products cheaper, then they should be taxed to level the playing field. We have just experienced dangerous foods shipped to America. Our people should support our farmers first.

Education in the South is improving daily. Great institutions of learning are located here with excellent staffs. To replay the "Gone" word is ludicrous. Our medical facilities are the best in the country; just look at MD Anderson, St. Jude in Memphis, the University of Tennessee Medical School, University of Georgia Medical School, Vanderbilt University Medical School, and others. We have doctors that are highly qualified and tops in their fields.

If you still think that Gone With The Wind is an accurate depiction of the South, at the time it was a book and a movie, you are somewhat right, but no longer. Great strides have made the South an ideal place to live among the beauties of this land. Gone With The Wind was a story that distressed me. Over 50 goofs were made in the final addition. (See GWTW trivia.) A book title that states Back from the Wind would be appropriate. GWTW is not on the top 100 best books list by any source I have checked.

You may say no one won the Civil War, when 600,000 died. War is a waste. Slavery and plantation life are not my favorite topics. If you note, the wealthy did not go to war on both sides. I realize GWTW was a fictional adaptation of a woman's imagination, not based on actual accounts in numerous places, nor did it unravel both sides. Remember, slavery existed in northern states also.

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