The quadrennial event marks more than the addition of a day to the calendar; with apologies to all the leap year babies, the year also signals a time when America temporarily loses its sanity and engages in a silly exercise of electing a president. Former congressman Dick Armey called the process “juvenal delinquency.” What a sorry slate. Front-runners McCain, Clinton, Obama and Huckabee have no real ideas. The mainstream media (MSM) has done its best to trash candidates with real ideals. Maybe a candidate of ideas is too much for the distracted, over-stimulated, Britney-ogling, text-messaging, iPod-jiggling, TV-addled electorate to tolerate.

The party that talks about equality and non-discrimination, most un-American like, divides voters into blocks, pandering to white women over 40, African-American, Hispanics, first-time voters, and so on, promising various goodies to each. Voters are individuals each with his/her own self-interest. Liberty, not government largesse, drives America. The democrats want “change.” The change Clinton and Obama talk about is what’s left in your pockets after they are done.

The best the GOP can come up with to oppose the social democrats is a Bush clone, “a hundred more years of war in Iraq.” John “bomb, bomb Iran” McCain is a dangerous candidate. A military hero to be sure, McCain admits he knows nothing about economics and flunked Constitution 101, i.e., the McCain-Feingold “Campaign Reform Bill” unquestionably violates the Constitution. And can anyone take standup comic Mike Huckabee seriously? Most voters really haven’t a clue what is really happening to America. They are swayed by an MSM orchestrated campaign they cannot fathom.

America is like a cruise ship that is taking on water faster than it can be bailed out. Their attention is whether the ship’s captain is female, or black, or is willing to offer more free services while on your cruise, or wants to mount more machine guns on the deck to deter terrorists. The MSM is akin to the public address system on the ship. Keep the people distracted from the imminent danger that lies ahead. No sense panicking the customers.

The unseen crisis is the $60 trillion of unfunded obligations for Medicare and Social Security. The unfunded obligations of the federal government have risen to unprecedented levels since 2000, when George Bush took office.

In our ship analogy, the captain recognizes you might run out of money before the ship returns to its home port and has come up with a stunning idea. Print certificates that will be honored as real money below decks and have the ship’s purser divvy it out as a loan to everyone on board. Brilliant! Passengers can now keep purchasing trinkets, jewelry and clothes from the ship’s many onboard shops. This is akin to the economic stimulus plan just approved by Congress.

But this amounts to nothing more than play money. Worse yet, when the print shop on board prints the money, the ship’s purser (the Federal Reserve) marks it up for a tidy profit for himself before lending it out to the passengers. The passengers (citizens) don’t fully realize as they spend the money it will be added to their collective credit card (the national debt), handing it off to the next generation.

How silly is that? But like other issues, e.g., Social Security, Medicare, and immigration reform, this silly process (I mean campaign) completely ignores.