A 58-year-old Cumberland County woman had an uneasy feeling about the man walking closely behind her, so she paused to let him pass. She had good cause to sense danger.

Instead of passing, the man snatched the woman's purse and fled the scene in a teal or green colored 1990's model Honda with two other men inside.

The incident took place Sunday afternoon around 4:35 p.m. in the Walmart parking lot. Although the victim suffered an injury to her elbow when she was pushed to the ground, she declined treatment at the hospital, according to Ptl. J. Brink's report.

The victim, and a witness, told police she was walking toward the store when the incident took place. Police at the time of the report were in the process of obtaining security tapes from cameras mounted at Walmart and at Murphy USA Oil as the investigation continues.

The victim stated that included in the theft of her purse was a .380 handgun, her checkbook, credit card, personal identification, small amount of cash and a pre-paid cellphone.

Loss was placed at over $580.

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