The letter containing the names of Cumberland County High School volunteers was brought back before the BOE at the Aug. 8 special-called meeting. The list concerned 9th District representative Dan Schlafer because it contained the names of two locally known golf pros, Aubrey King and Kip Henley, acting as volunteers for the CCHS golf team.

Re-submitted for approval, the list contained the names of volunteers but not duties. The BOE voted unanimously to pass the list following discussion.

"What I asked for was a specific representation of what they're doing, and we don't have that here, so I can't support it in its present form," said Schlafer. "And I specifically asked that, and what I'm trying to do is make sure that we are not causing ourselves any trouble. I'm not trying to make trouble. I'm trying to prevent trouble. This is not presented the way I asked it to be presented."

Director of Schools Aarona VanWinkle said she checked and none of the volunteers were taking on coaching duties. Janet Graham, principal of CCHS, stated the school was well-aware of the rule and the professional golfers were acting as parent volunteers.

Schlafer said in the future he'd like to see specifics in how volunteers are helping to avoid similar situations. BOE attorney Earl Patton added that it might be a good idea to specify what every volunteer is doing to avoid situations that might raise questions such as in this case.

"The bottom line is this, if you had a child who played in McMinn County on the golf team and Cumberland County had a guy who's a professional golfer up there helping those people, you'd be concerned," said Gordon Davis, 5th District representative. "You'd want to make sure you weren't giving him special treatment because he would have the ability to give an advantage over what you could do if you were a non-professional coach."

Board chair Shirley Parris noted that at the same time the schools could not discriminate against professionals participating in school activities if they were parents, saying they would have the same interest as any other parent.

As mentioned at the previous meeting, the golf pros would be free to provide instruction on an individual basis, as long as it's not during school-sanctioned games or practices. According to VanWinkle, Graham said the volunteers were used for transporation, fundraisers, and other areas not related to coaching.