Cumberland County collected $755,342 in local option sales tax according to Finance Director Nathan Brock's month of February tax collection report.

The figure is $13,680 below Cumberland County Budget Committee's budgeted amount, which leaves the county falling approximately 1.78 percent short of the budgeted figure. The total shortage from budgeted figures for fiscal year 2013-'14 is $62,851.

"You can see the collections are more than any other month this year, but it still falls short of our budgeted figure," Brock said.

So far the county has collected a total of $4.724 million in sales tax. Local option sales tax collections go toward funding the General Purpose School Fund.

Brock reported property tax collections were in at 90.4 percent of the budgeted amount.

Hotel/motel tax collection figures were listed at $43,014, which is 68.2 percent of the county's budgeted figure of $650,000.

Brock reported ambulance service collections for the county were at $1.974 million of the county's $3 million budget figure for the fiscal year, which is 65.8 percent of the budgeted amount.

Prisoner boarding collections from the state of Tennessee were listed at $593,369, which is 80.2 percent of the $740,000 budgeted amount.

"We are looking pretty good in all of those areas," Brock said.

In other areas, the budget committee approved a $95,824 amendment to perform a total computer upgrade in Circuit Court Clerk Larry Sherrill's office. The funds will come from a restricted for administration of justice line in Sherrill's department, which is a reserve account.

"There is no new money involved with this. This is from money that we have saved all along to go toward this," Sherrill said.

The revenues are designated and reserved specifically for the purpose of improving and maintaining computer technology in the Circuit Court and General Sessions Court.

Sherrill said the upgrade would include new software that would automatically update the system with new laws when they went into effect as well.

The amendment was approved after Nancy Hyder, 2nd District commissioner, motioned for approval. Hyder's motion was supported by Terry Carter, 6th District commissioner, and was unanimously approved.

The committee also approved a $3,500 budget amendment for matching funds with the city of Crossville for replacing the doors at Fair Park Senior Center.

The amendment was made on the contingency that the city of Crossville fund the matching amount of $3,500 for the door replacement costs.

It was unanimously approved after a motion by Jan McNeil, 5th District commissioner, was made. McNeil's motion was supported by Hyder.

Both amendments will appear before the full Cumberland County Commission during its March monthly meeting.

The Cumberland County Commission will meet Monday, March 18, at 6 p.m. in the large courtroom of the Cumberland County Courthouse. The public is welcome to attend.