July 1898

+The new internal revenue stamp has made its appearance in town. The one-cent stamp has a picture of the Maine on it.

+A party of Pomona young people went on a camping trip last Saturday to be gone until Tuesday. Their destination was Scarbrough Falls. We fear they cannot have had a very enjoyable time with the rain and seed ticks, both of which disagreeable elements are abundant now.

+Notice: To those who signed a subscription to build a Methodist Church, your subscription is due. Please have your amounts ready. Let us remember our obligations.  Yours fraternally, H.A. True

July 1933

+“Drys” carry Cumberland County 679 to 530 – State votes for repeal by less than 7,000 – Shelby County “puts it over.”

+Crab Orchard Stone Co. quarries has around 400,000 square feet of rock quarried and ready for preparation for shipment. At the finishing plant there is marked activity as, along with other work the company has recently secured a large order for the great Rockefeller Radio City work in New York City. This particular work is most exacting as both dimensions and color are being demanded to the most minute detail.

+An ad from First National Bank – This Depression should be a reminder to many that the only safe course for one to follow is to save a part of what you earn!

+G.E. Harrison and C.G. Black are offering a $50 reward for the arrest and conviction of the thieves who stole timber from land three miles north of Crossville.

July 1973

+During July and August, Trade-A-Plane is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Founded by Crosby Harrison in 1937, the TAP Publishing Co., the parent company, is a third generation family business.

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