April 1898

+J.E. Burnet who has taken possession of the Rose Hotel is making some very marked changes in the building. Those who have been so fortunate as to dine upon viands prepared by Mrs. Burnett’s deft hand need no assurance that the most fastidious palate will be strongly tempted. This, coupled with the genial spirit of the host, is ample assurance that this will soon become one of the most popular hotels in this section.

+A.N. DeRossett, candidate for county judge, was seen in earnest conversation with some leading politicians. Our reporter asked, “What are you up to Link?” He replied, “Oh nothing, just laying dynamite mines for my opponents. I intend to fire ‘em too, when the time is right.”

+A graphophone entertainment will be given Friday night at the Grassy Cove Academy by Messrs. Loy Starring and Johnnie Stebbins of Grandview.

April 1924

+Among our forefathers it was a maxim that a young woman should never be married until she had spun herself a set of body, bed or table linen. From this custom all unmarried women were termed “spinsters,” an appellation still retained in all law proceedings.

+Ozone — Walter Miller and Az Dorton came home from Petros to spend Easter with their families.

+Miss Ruby and Earl McCuiston entertained Tuesday night with a dance. A good crowd was present and all had a fine time.

April 1987

+Christopher Patrick Loyless, son of Mr. & Mrs. Mark Loyless, has been offered an appointment as a cadet at the United States Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT. He becomes the first non-athlete to accept an appointment at a service academy since Frank Bohannon graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1972. Dale Matherly is currently playing football at the Air Force Academy and his brother Kevin is at the Air Force Academy Prep School.