Two women were taken into custody and Crossville Police are looking at the involvement of a third woman after the two were taken into custody while participating in an alleged "birthday shopping spree."

Charged with theft of merchandise and served an attachment for failure to appear in court to answer 23 charges is April Sorenson Sherrill, 37, 898-A Breeding Ave., Cookeville. Charged with theft of merchandise is Autum Marie Kendrick, 19, 227 Keyes Rd.

Crossville Police were dispatched to Burke's Outlet in The Crossings shopping area off N. Main St. shortly before 4 p.m. on a report that store officials had two women in custody for suspicion of stealing $162.27 worth of merchandise from the store. One of the women was trying to escape from the store employees, police were told.

Sgt. Jon Wirey was one of the officers responding to the call and upon arrival, the two women allegedly stuffed items in a purse belonging to the store, as well as one stuffing merchandise into the front of her pants,and then attempted to leave without paying for the items.

"During the transport to the Justice Center, both females stated that the third suspect got away with unknown items," Wirey wrote in his report. " ... Allegedly, the three of them were going on a birthday shopping, or shoplifting spree, since it was (the third suspect's) birthday."

Investigation is continuing.