What was once a thriving nonprofit organization devoted to helping homeless families in Cumberland County recently announced that it will no longer serve the public and has dissolved the agency.

The Cumberland County Family Shelter's board of directors recently decided the shelter would close and vacate its current location behind the Cumberland County Courthouse as of Aug. 1.

"The board decided that due to the retirement of Jonathan Penney, volunteer director for 12 years, an increasing difficulty of operating from cramped, temporary premises, and the rising costs of sheltering people in local motels for extended periods of time, that it was best to dissolve the agency," said Cumberland County Family Shelter President Ken Allan.

Another problem the agency faced was duplication of services.

"We felt that with Good Samaritans and The Bread of Life agencies that we would just be duplicating services if we were to continue the operation," Allan said.

Allan also wanted to thank all who have supported the agency throughout the past.

"We have done a lot of good things for people over the past several years. We have helped out hundreds of homeless people to get back on their feet and get jobs, but we couldn't have done it without the support we've gotten from the community over the past several years. The shelter expresses a big thank you to all for their support over the years and encourages all to support local programs and agencies who offer help to the homeless and needy," Allan said.