Cumberland County Mayor Brock Hill reported that Veterans Affairs Service officer Mark Daniels is having a difficult time finding a volunteer driver for the Disabled American Veterans hospital van. The van transports veterans to and from the veterans hospital in Murfreesboro.

Hill told the Cumberland County Budget Committee last Wednesday that Daniels wondered if the county would consider providing a driver one day a week to drive VA patients to and from the veterans hospital.

Several commissioners questioned if any effort had been made to find volunteers.

"We have so many volunteers in this area, I'm sure we could probably get one to do it if they knew about it," 3rd District Commissioner Lynn Tollett said. "I'd like to see us try that route first."

"This is something I've talked about with Mark and the problem is finding someone willing to commit to do it. I don't know. Maybe if we have a set day that might help. But we have a need here," 1st District Commissioner Harry Sabine said.

Tollett suggested that some local advertising might work. Hill said the office would place some ads, and that if no one volunteered, the subject might need to be addressed again at the May meeting.

Anyone interested in volunteering their driving services can call the Cumberland County Veterans Service Officer, Mark Daniels, at 456-0090.

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