A low bid of $290,961.25 was approved by the Cumberland County Financial Management Committee last week for South Cumberland Utility District's (SCUD) Thomas Springs and Lawsontown Rd. water line extensions.

The low bid was submitted and awarded to Hopper Excavating, LLC, of Crossville. The low bid was also recommended by South Cumberland Utility District's board and was also recommended by the consulting engineer on the project, Joel B. Spaulding & Company.

There were four other companies that submitted bids on the project including Green Brothers Construction of Crossville at $358,795; Ironwood Construction and Engineering, LLC, of Crossville at $417,160; Norris Brothers Excavating, LLC, of Crossville at $500,119.15; and G. Meeks Construction, LLC, of Sparta, TN at $577,862.10.

The project is part of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). South Cumberland will provide about $82,000 of the funding with the balance coming from the federally funded CDBG grant project. The project includes installation of more than 19,000 linear feet of a four-inch water line and about 7,980 linear feet of a two-inch water line.

Areas receiving water lines will be Thomas Springs Rd., Lawson Town Rd., Puncheon Camp Creek Rd. and Wilson Way.

The extension will provide city water to 30 homes in the area.

The low bid was unanimously approved after motion was made by Mike Harvel, 7th District commissioner, and was supported by Nancy Hyder 2nd District commissioner.

The committee also approved several bids for the Cumberland County Board of Education, including construction of a diversion ditch on the south side of Martin Elementary School to help prevent water runoff from flowing into the school's parking lot.

A low bid of $5,360 was submitted by Goss Construction of Crossville and unanimously approved after a motion from Johnny Presley, 3rd District commissioner, was supported by Scott Blaylock, Cumberland County Highway superintendent.

Also approved was a low bid of $38,500 for parking lot sealing at Stone Memorial High School. The bid was submitted by Rollins Pavement Coatings of Crossville. It was approved after Harvel made a motion and it was supported by Hyder.

A vinyl tile replacement bid of $74,454.72 for several Cumberland County schools was also approved unanimously after a motion was made by Harvel. It was supported by Carmin Lynch, 9th District commissioner.

The committee also approved a bid for the purchase of field gear for the Cumberland County Fire Department.

The sole bid was submitted by NAFECO of Decatur, AL, in the amount of $23,170. The turnout gear includes 14 coats, pants, suspenders, boots and helmets.

Lynch asked why there were no other bidders. Cumberland County Fire Chief and EMS Director Jeff Dodson said he felt the other companies didn't bother submitting a bid after losing out so many times for so many years.

Dodson also said he was satisfied with the bid amount because it was equal to, or even less, than last year's amount. He said the county usually purchases its turnout gear from NAFECO. The bid was approved after a motion came from Hyder. It was supported by Lynch.

Bids for a walking trail around the Cumberland County Health Department were rejected after coming in more than $10,000 over budget. The low bid was $24,800 from Coffey Landscaping of Crossville and the high bid was $53,874, submitted by Southern Rock of Crossville. Shane's Landscaping of Crossville submitted a bid of $25,000.

Cumberland County Finance Director Nathan Brock said the health department would have to look at changing the scope of the project and rebid the project at a later date.

Harvel made a motion to reject the bids and it was supported by Hyder and unanimously approved.

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