A slowdown in admissions has led to the reduction of 25 positions at Cumberland Medical Center. The layoffs occurred July 2 in various departments of the hospital.

"This was a difficult decision," said Ed Anderson, chief executive officer for CMC. "Our hospital is experiencing the same slowdown in admissions that almost all hospitals in the country are encountering. Our mission is to not only make quality health care available to our community, but also to be and to remain financially sound."

Data from an American Hospital Association survey of hospitals indicates that although the U.S. economy is beginning to show signs of recovery, hospitals continue to be adversely impacted by the lingering effects of the economic recession.

Anderson said the reductions in staffing are temporary, with hopes that within three months the employees can return to provide quality health care to the community.

"While this action has affected many areas of the hospital, we have insisted that no reduction made can adversely affect patient care. Providing quality care to this community is our top priority and we will not waver from that commitment."

Cumberland Medical Center has had years of growth and has continually added new specialties and services over the last several years. The reduction in force is a reflection of the economic slowdown. While the hospital continues to add new physicians, including specialists, and purchase capital, it will focus on maintaining a close watch on expenses so it can continue to serve the citizens of Cumberland County and the Upper Cumberland.

Cumberland Medical Center recently welcomed Rick Gibbs, MD, a general surgeon, to its staff. In August, Will Smith, MD, specializing in obstetrics and gynecological surgery, and John Milligan, MD, general surgery, will join the staff. Two new hospitalists (inpatient medicine specialists), Rohitash Mehta, MD, and Rowella Licup, MD, will join the staff in August, as well.

Dr. Barry Wagner, chief medical officer and president-elect of CMC, said, "These young, bright physicians will be a welcome addition to the community, medical staff and hospital family. I am very pleased to have physicians of this caliber joining us at CMC."