From longevity pay in various county departments to a new telephone system and donations to the sheriff's department, the Cumberland County Budget Committee approved several amendments during last week's monthly budget meeting.

Commissioners approved a $4,596 amendment to the county general fund for longevity pay in the following departments:

Election commission — $96

County buildings — $746

Finance department — $779

Property assessor — $326

Reappraisal — $514

Trustee — $104

County clerk — $504

Chancery court — $106

Probate court — $146

Rabies and animal control — $226

Workforce — $517

Library — $532

Sanitation — $532

Longevity pay is paid to all eligible employees in the general fund based on years of service to the county.

An amendment in the amount of $3,500 was approved for donations made to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Deparment. Donations were made of $2,500 from ASDA, Inc., a charitable organization which supports law enforcement at the county level and $1,000 from Wal-Mart.

The sheriff plans to use the funds toward body armor and other law enforcement equipment.

A $1,678 amendment was approved for grant matching for courtroom security enhancements for X-ray inspection systems. The bids for the equipment came in at $1,600 over the estimate. The low bid for the equipment was from Rapiscan Systems for $44,900.

A $1,500 line-item amendment was approved for the county mayor's office in transferring the funds from the assistant to the secretary.

A $2,970 line-item amendment was also approved for the University of Tennessee Extension Office for a new phone system. Extension agent Kelli Moore requested the amendment stating the old phone system is in need of repair. The system will be replaced after the amendment is approved by the full county commission.