Lots of people say they are "unique," but the actual definition is "one of a kind," which makes most claims of being unique just wishful thinking. However, Jaleigh is unique. Jaleigh attends Kids, Incorporated, a local agency dedicated to providing services to children with developmental delays. The staff is helping Jaleigh learn to stand, use her walker, and her receptive language improves weekly. With the proper training, she will be able to walk independently and verbally express herself.

In addition to her physical, occupational, and speech therapies, she enjoys activities in her classroom while playing with all her friends. Jaleigh is the only known child to have the particular chromosomal disorder she was born with, which has been named Jaleigh's Syndrome. Her mother, Amy, is very passionate about the wonderful services provided to all children with developmental challenges, but she is especially thankful because of Jaleigh and says she simply does not know what she would do without Kids, Incorporated.

Your support of the United Fund helps Kids, Incorporated provide for all children, and after all, all children are "unique."

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