“I Dream of Jeannie,” the 1960s era sitcom, was one of my favorite television shows growing up. I don’t think I missed a single one of the 139 episodes that ran from 1965 until 1970. Matter of fact, I probably saw most of them two or three times. I couldn’t wait to watch Barbara Eden (Jeannie) and Larry Hagman (her master) as they attempted to hide her from his astronaut co-workers and friends.

The 2000-year-old Jeannie was beautiful and spunky. She had a long blonde pony tail, that incredibly unique outfit and lived in a nicely decorated bottle part of the time and in her master’s apartment the rest of the time.

Television in that time period was mostly about fantasy: “Bewitched,“ “Batman,” “The Jetstons” all were fantasy themed and centered around other world locales or beings.

Anyway, that isn’t my story. I digress. So, I read recently that Barbara Eden was writing a memoir. I have often said, and probably have written here, that I love celebrity memoirs even when I don’t love, or even like, the celebrity. If I can read a memoir by a celebrity I love… well, that is a definite bonus. I knew I would be purchasing Eden’s book.

Over the past holiday weekend, while at an out of town bookstore, I heard the following exchange between a man and his teenage son.

Son: “Oh, that is why I have been seeing that woman on television.”

Dad: “What woman?”

Son: “The woman on that book.”

Dad: “Wow, that is Barbara Eden!”

Son: “Who is she, Dad?”

Dad: “She was on this television show when I was about your age. She lived in this bottle and her boyfriend was an astronaut. They spent a lot of time trying to hide her and their relationship from NASA officials.”

Son: “Dad, I think you liked her!”

Dad: “I sure did buddy. I had a huge crush on her when I was younger.”

Son: “Are you going to buy her book?”

Dad: “I believe I will. I think your mom would like to read it too!”

I thoroughly enjoyed their conversation as it was apparent Dad was using the son’s question to tell him about some iconic moments in his youth—a far cry from cell phones, iPads/Pods and 24/7 news channels!


The Miss Relay for Life Pageants are this weekend at the Palace. Age groups range from two years old all the way up to 21 years old. Whitney Sidwell is the director of these fund raising pageants. Contact her at 931-200-3799 for additional information or send her an email to whitsidwell@yahoo.com!

Spring has sprung and it is now time to get some outdoor exercise. Downtown Crossville Inc. is debuting its 6 and 6 Walking Club. Free and open to anyone of any fitness level, walk or run in downtown Crossville starting this weekend. Each day at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. seven days a week, participants may meet or start at the courthouse gazebo. Parking is available around the courthouse at these hours. The city has identified a five mile loop, according to organizers, from the gazebo around Miller Bypass. Participants are welcome to walk/run the five mile loop or choose any other distance. Markers will be added every 1/4 of a mile so that walkers/runners may track their progress. Walk alone or bring a friend or friends. If you have additional questions, contact DCI at 931-787-1324!

The TAD Center will host its first Corn Hole Tournament on Saturday, May 21. There are two age divisions: school age and open. Call Shane at the TAD Center for registration information at 456-1311 or visit the TAD Center’s facebook page!

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