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Instructor Larry Potter demonstrates to one of his students the power using a cane as a weapon.

Crime is on the raise and seniors are too often the target when they least expect it. You can prepare yourself today to know how to avoid being another victim, with the use of easy basic self-defense techniques. Train and be ready to put up a fight for your life, no matter your age or handicap. You have the right to defend yourself! Some seniors consider their canes crutches, but others call it their self-defense. A lot of people don't realize that you can stop many attacks just by knowing how to swing a cane. You can use your hands, elbows, fingers and thumbs to jab the attacker in just the right places, at least enough to buy some time to get away.

Fair Park Senior Center is here to help seniors in many ways, and are proud to have Larry Potter returning to the senior center on Friday, April 12, at noon to start a new Senior Self Defense Class. Larry is a pastor, Marine, Vietnam veteran, and recently working towards  a 5th degree Black Belt. He has taught young and old alike in many classes over the years. He just wants ever one to feel more confident about defending themselves. He has a lot of new basic defense techniques and moves with the cane. The 10-week class will be a cost of $5 for each class you attend, but you do need to sign up at the front desk in advance if you plan on attending any of his classes. Everyone really enjoyed last year's self defense class.

A Parkinson Exercise Class is designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s disease. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had it for a long time, this class will get you moving, stretching and working on your balance. Exercise is the only known way of slowing down the progression of Parkinson’s disease and Cumberland Medical Center is proud to offer this ongoing class free of charge to people with Parkinson’s disease. Caregivers are welcomed and encouraged to come and participate in the class.

This class is being taught by David Manestar, MPT, who has over 17 years of experience as a physical therapist working with Parkinson’s disease and has been teaching exercise classes for Parkinson’s disease for over eight years. Although a prescription from your physician is not needed, please check with them prior to starting the exercise class. Classes will be on- going starting on Wednesday, April 10, 10-11 a.m. For more information please call Cumberland Medical Center at (931) 459-7291 or 484-7416.

You can learn Spanish with Ramon Winemburg every Tuesday at 10:30.

“Senior Day on the Hill” in Nashville will be Tuesday, May 26. A van load of seniors from the center are planning on taking this free trip to the Tennessee state capitol building for a day to meet your legislator. If you want to go, sign up!

Winter will be over soon, so you can get out more and visit your friends at Fair Park.  The Senior Center is open 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, with some extra activities at night, and is located across the street from the Cumberland County Fair Grounds, at 1433 Livingston Road in Crossville. You can also visit the center’s website at http://www.fairparkseniorcenter.org to keep up-to-date on the latest programs and activities that are being offered, as well as online versions of the center’s monthly newsletter “Newsline.”