Most adult children don’t speak with their older parents about important health and safety concerns until a crisis or emergency happens. These crises could include car crashes, accidental medication poisonings or financial hardships. 

It’s not that these children don’t want to help their senior parents – it’s that they often don’t know how to start conversations about sensitive issues such as driving privileges, medication management and end of life wishes.

A Cookeville organization is tackling this problem head-on by launching a unique public service campaign called The 40-70 Rule. The concept behind The 40-70 Rule is that if the adult child is 40 or the aging parent is 70, it’s time to start talking. The campaign includes free resources to help these children “get the conversation started.” 

Local senior care experts will present information about The 40-70 Rule to the “Children Loving Aging Parents” support group on Wednesday, Feb. 6. The presentation will begin at 8 a.m. at the Megabytes Café in Fairfield Glade. A discussion session will follow.

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