Thanksgiving is just days away, and this always mean holiday travel, holiday cooking, holiday shopping, football games and movies. Thanksgiving is also the official start of the holiday season.

I am not a fan of the “late” Thanksgivings we have had the past couple of years. This year, as last year, Thanksgiving has fallen the last week of November giving us only four weeks between it and Christmas. I prefer Thanksgiving to fall around this past week of the year allowing us an extra week between the two holidays.

Because of the later Thanksgiving, if you were to visit our house right now, you may have a little confusion as to which holiday it is, or certainly, which holiday we are celebrating. We have some Thanksgiving décor out but also numerous Christmas trees. It’s like cross decorating. I don’t like to rush Thanksgiving because it has always been one of my very favorite holidays. I love turkey, won’t miss the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and certainly enjoy the late season college football games as well as the new movies that are released near and/on this particular holiday. However, when it falls so late in November, I really have no choice but to mix the two holidays and sort of, kind of, decorate for both.

I have a turkey and two pilgrims within inches of a Christmas tree; a few fall pumpkins and harvest scented candles near a balsam pine tabletop tree; and some orange and brown fall table settings near my signature color purple holiday items. Normally, I put up my smaller trees but not the larger one in the living area. It usually goes up Thanksgiving weekend. But this year, combine the later holiday with work, social commitments, etc. we began our decorating earlier.So it looks as if I had difficulty determining for which holiday to decorate when in reality it was basically a matter of time.

The “cross decorating,” however, did not change our cat’s behavior. She still manages to re-arrange all of the items under the tree on a daily basis. This is ironic, but also a true story: the only tree she doesn’t bother is the one with cat decorations on it. She has never bothered anything on or around this tree. It is almost as if she feels it is a shrine to her and she leaves it untouched.

Anyway, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, the pilgrims, turkey and fall decorations will go back to their storage space and the house will feature only the Christmas season decorations. Then, perhaps, the house will not look as if its owners have decision making problems.

Speaking of the holidays, schools will be released next Tuesday afternoon at regular time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Students will return to class on Monday, Dec. 3. Cumberland County students have already missed one snow day and a late opening this week due to an early winter snow and arctic cold blast.

If you are traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, please exercise extreme caution. Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday of the year on highways and airways. Please remember to allow yourself extra time to reach your destination; observe all speed limits; wear safety restraints; don’t drink and drive; and do not text and drive. New Tennessee signage over state interstates now reads, “Watch the road and keep your head out of your apps” — a reminder that using cell phones can contribute to accidents.


The TAD Center’s second annual 5K Reindeer Run is slated for Saturday, Dec. 13 to coincide with the annual Christmas parade. The first 75 runners/walkers to pay their entry fee will receive a long sleeved T-shirt. Contact the TAD Center at 456-2859 for additional information or drop by the facility on 261 Yvonne Ave. during regular business hours.