Have you ever wanted to turn into some sort of animal? Here are some reasons to consider this act. Animals have these advantages over us — they never hear or watch a clock strike. They never have to go to work. They never have to prepare their food. They die without any idea of death. They have no theologians to instruct them in their last moments. Animals are not disturbed by unwelcome or unpleasant folks who attend their last moments. There are no last moment ceremonies. Their funerals cost them nothing. No one starts a lawsuit over their wills.

Animals don't seem to worry about the latest fashions. If they go on a trip someone else drives. They try to get at least 20 hours sleep everyday. Food has to be something they like or they won't eat it. Animals do not have to study Latin or even go to school. Dogs and cats have their favorite places to sit or lay down, and you must not disturb them. They do not like the mailman, delivery people, or anyone walking or riding on their street. They choose where they relieve themselves, and it is not your choice.

Dogs and cats bark or mew, and never have to answer the phone. It has been obvious to me they do not like TV. They don't read books or newspapers. Each has his own space and toys they prefer to play with but only when they choose. As humans do, they love treats, especially bacon. They celebrate holidays; for instance, my dog lies under the Christmas tree. Maybe he thinks he is a present. They never have to pay for any item.

Animals lie by a fireplace only if it is burning. A bad thing is they don't play golf. I don't think they care about being outside that long if it is hot or cold. They do not have to get married; they just enjoy others' company, if you call it that. They do not take care of their young if possible. I have noted they don't worry about trivial things. Animals do not have to attend boring meetings. They do not attend political rallies; they accept who ever wins elections without any concern. One wonderful thing, they don't pay taxes.

I wager you can think of numerous things I did not record. The more you look at their lives, the more it seems we are not in their circle. When I am reincarnated I want to be a pug.