As part of her report during the Legislative Breakfast, Sen. Charlotte Burks reported on road projects scheduled for Cumberland County.

•Lantana Rd. — Work is continuing, with construction scheduled to be complete in May.

•Peavine Rd. — The project to widen Peavine Rd. is still in the right-of-way acquisition phase.

•Truck climbing lanes — Two truck climbing lanes are planned in Cumberland County on Interstate 40, using highway safety funds to address congestion and safety issues.

•Northwest Connector — Connecting Hwy. 70 W at Tennessee Ave. with Hwy. 70 N at Northside Dr., construction is set to begin in the spring.

•Hwy. 127 South — Construction of a widened highway from Cleveland St. to south of the intersection of Hwy. 127 and Hwy. 68 in Homestead.

•Hwy. 127 North —The project to widen Hwy. 127 N from Interstate 40 to Hwy. 62 in Clarkrange is still in the planning and right-of-way acquisition phase.

•Two bridges are in the preliminary engineering phase at this time.