I will be relieved when the babies are here. First, she made her home in my favorite blue daze flower hanging basket. This persistent song sparrow has become my deck companion. She watches me and I watch her as I sip coffee in the morning. She plays this game as she darts from plant to plant and then walks the porch rail. She doesn’t think I know she has built a home in my hanging plant. She then flies up to the plant where her nest is, hoping I think it is just another of her stops. She does not know that one day I had taken the plant down to water it and spied her nest with four colored speckled eggs. I put the plant back and from then on I watered it from the other side.

Both she and her mate chirped loudly as I went to water the drying up plant. I sat back down on the chair and waited for the game to begin. This time mother sparrow did not play; she flew directly to the nest and remained there, chirping to her mate, probably saying, “Everything is OK.”

There was a thunder storm during the night, and, as the hard pounding rain hit the deck, I wondered about the little mother in the hanging planter. I was in bed, warm and dry, and I wished I could have brought the plant inside. Jim said, “No way.”

The following morning I went outside to check on the condition of the plant and nest, as there were many petals blown off the nearby candy-striped geranium. I looked up and saw the faithful mother bird sitting in the corner of the plant where her nest is. That’s what mothers do: stand firm in a storm.

We enjoy her being there, as her song is cheerful as it floats in through the open windows.

I want to tell her to enjoy the sitting during this final stage, because when those babies come, she will be busy for hours feeding them. Sitting felt good in the later months of pregnancy, but soon it was the up-at-all-hours routine.

She will be busy before long putting food into hungry mouths and teaching them how to survive and fly, which isn’t too much different than what we try to teach our young ones.

Psalms 84:3 "Even the sparrow has found a home and the swallow a nest for herself."

The psalmist was envious of the sparrow, because she could make her nest in the temple and be near the place where Israel was to have communion with God.