Happy Fourth from retired federal workers

Dear Editor:

As former federal worker with a combined fifty nine years of service for our country, the Fourth of July is an important day for us. Since the dawn of our nation, federal workers have played a significant role in America’s achievements.

The contributions of federal workers will be very much in evidence this week as Americans prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday. Millions of Americans will check a weather report prepared by the National Weather Service, grill meat inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and fly in skies kept safe by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration.  Others will enjoy time outdoors in our National Parks, travel with children protected by car seats inspected by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and visit post offices to mail letters and packages to loved ones. Perhaps, as a former military member, you will visit a Veteran’s Administration Hospital.

My fellow federal workers and I are proud of the jobs we’ve done for America for the last 236 years. We wish you, and the nation we love, a happy Independence Day.

Wyonne Morningstar

Former U.S. Government Contracting Officer


Robert Morningstar

Retired U.S. Air Force (Korea, Vietnam)

Former U.S. Government Accounting Officer

A better method for tick removal

Dear editor

There have been many articles about tick removal. These articles have appeared in magazines, state and local newspapers. These articles always recommend using tweezers for removal of ticks. There is a much better method which is easy and the chance of squashing the tick, which is a no-no, is eliminated. This tool is called TICK OFF and is now available at Krogers in the Village Green Mall. It looks like a plastic measuring spoon with a slot cut in it. I obtained one online many years ago at TICK OFF. This method was recommended to me by Dr. Morris at the walk-in clinic in Crossville. It is wonderful for removing the very small ticks safely as well as the larger one.

Bob Suttles

Fairfield Glade

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