My Dears,

In the background a television show can be heard, the words are not distinguishable, but I can hear voices. An air conditioning unit roars to life occasionally to keep pace with the desired indoor temperature setting. A nearby small fan hums its song as it creates a breeze to assist the AC in keeping me cool. Most of the time I am too cool or, should I say, cold because my husband desires a cooler environment than do I. 

From my window I see a parched lawn. Maybe someone is doing the rain dance incorrectly. We have not had a decent rainfall in over a week. It seems we are never happy with the amount of rain allotted us; it is either too much or too little. It rains on our picnics, but never rains when we have no outside activities planned. Oh well, we take what we get and like it or we water. Praying for rain does not provide rain; God provides rain. 

I, as so many others have expressed, feel that summer is slipping through the fingers of time. The hustle and bustle associated with summer activities has me shaking my head as one day drifts into another day, another week, another month. Each flower which springs forth is appreciated, but I cannot keep in step with them as they rush from bud to flower to seeds for next year's enjoyment.

We have been enjoying many fruits and vegetable as they appear on the shelves at one of the local grocers. Summer's bounty is delicious and nutritious. We shall enjoy them while we can and be glad for the privilege.

A breeze cools a perspiration-soaked back as I bend to retrieve another weed that escaped my attention two days ago, and water flowing through a garden hose cools and cleanses hands that have become grimy from pulling those weeds. We have been guilty of creating our own breeze with the assistance of a portable fan in order to enjoy morning coffee on the deck, while surrounded by fragrant flowers.

Recently, my husband and I were discussing the inherent goodness in most people. I have always believed that most people are good or want to be good, or want to be thought of as good people. I concluded our discussion by saying most people are good, and some of the so called bad ones are not bad, but just misguided. He replied that some of the misguided ones are in Washington, DC.

All in all, life is good and we are blessed. Michael continues to take medication that will hopefully retard or arrest the damage that pulmonary fibrosis has done to his lungs. We have much to be thankful for. Recently, I read somewhere that "reasons for gratitude crowd in the door that opens a crack." My wish is that all of you have something to be grateful for today this last day of June 2010. God bless all of you. Pray for us. We pray for you.


Gloria Eversole-Tartaglia