On November 7, 2011, the community survey was launched on the Fairfield Glade website.  The response took 21 days and ended November 28, 2011. During that period almost 2,500 replies were received, with 79 percent indicating they had a home in Fairfield Glade (FG).   Survey results are currently posted on the FG website under the “What’s New” section. The survey was designed to find out what is important to the FG members to help the Strategic Planning Committee and Board develop Vision, Mission and Brand Statements.   

The first order of business was to create a viable Vision Statement. The Vision statement is the touchstone and offers a future mental image of where we want to be in 10 years. Here is the proposed Ten Year Vision Statement for Fairfield Glade: “Fairfield Glade will be a growing, value-oriented residential resort community with up to date amenities and infrastructure while maintaining its natural beauty.”

The Mission Statement answers the question of why we exist. What is our purpose? The ultimate question is how do we achieve the Fairfield Glade Vision?

Here is the proposed Mission Statement: “To continuously improve the total living experience at Fairfield Glade by always making decisions that are in the best interest of the community.”

The Brand Statement is the implied promise of the quality or performance that people should expect from a purchase. If you say “Ford,” or “Tide,” or “Michelin Tire,” for example, a value flashes through your mind.

For Fairfield Glade this brand statement is an implied promise which is delivered through all experiences and interactions that members have with the Community Club.

After reviewing the survey, this is the proposed Brand Statement: “Fairfield Glade is a well managed “value oriented” residential resort community that creates a total living experience by offering a wide variety of amenities and activities including 5 golf courses, 11 lakes, 2 marinas, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, miles of walking trails, and hundreds of social clubs, with a low total cost of living driven by its “Pay as you Play” pricing plus low property and state income taxes.”

The Board and Strategic Planning Committee want this process to be member driven so they are seeking your comments on the Vision, Mission and Brand statements. Please submit those comments in writing to pdavis@fairfieldglade.cc or to the Administration Office, attention Strategic Planning Committee.