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The Employee of the Year award went to Luke Turner of Stonehenge Golf Maintenance. From left are Stonehenge manager Sean VanHoose, with winner Luke Turner, and FGCC General Manager Bob Weber.

Annually the Community Club provides employees with a breakfast while celebrating the success of the prior year. 2011 was a year of "change," as we spent the entire second quarter searching for a new General Manager. By the time we ushered in the Annual Awards Breakfast, almost every employee had met Bob Weber. And the most amazing part of that is that Bob remembers almost everyone’s name!

It is Bob’s experience in his former positions, as well as his financial education, that prepared him for the challenges ahead. Everyone listened intently as he presented the "State of the Company," focusing on quality and safety during 2012. 

Our goals for 2012 were demonstrated by the selection of two themes that support our mission to "impress your guest." Prizes were awarded to two employees who submitted those themes:

Debora Foust for “Desire to Inspire” and

Chris Narwocki for “Create Lasting Memories.”

Bob emphasized that it is the goal of every staff member at Fairfield Glade Community Club to be an inspiration to each customer and to create lasting memories for each resident or vacationer. We are in the "customer pleasing" business and it is you who provides the impression that makes the guest pleased with their experience at The Club. Whether you “Impress Your Guest’ or not will determine ‘if’ they return and ‘what’ they tell their friends.

The Awards Breakfast was a time for fun. Noting that ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ there was no shortage of good medicine, all the way to the humorous awards presented throughout the morning and the return of the Fairfield Rappers to sing “Impress Your Guest.”

The Awards Breakfast was a time to reflect. The employees who stood above the crowd in 2011 received recognition: those responsible for making a difference in the lives our customers; many who made an impact on their staff and the improvement of The Club.

The meeting closed with the video, “I’m in the Band” as everyone learned how to get a “Standing Ovation”:  1) Come to perform;  2) Set the stage;  3) Connect with your audience;  4) Leave your baggage at the door and;  5) Pick each other up.

Next year, the Employee of the Month award will have a different name: Standing “O” Award. Employees were encouraged to service their customers in order to receive a standing ovation. The employees chosen by their peers and/or their managers for the monthly award are eligible for the "Employee of the Year" award.

Special congratulations to the 2011 Employee of the Year: Luke Turner, Assistant Superintendent of Stonehenge Golf Maintenance. Way to go, Luke! He’s in the band!

Awards List:

The "Employee of the Year" award went to Luke Turner, Stonehenge Golf Maintenance, Golf Division.

The "Manager of the Year" award went to Janice Stine, Member Records, in Administration.

The "Most Valuable Player/MVP" award went to Bruce Evans, Wastewater Systems, in Community Services; and Rag Jones, Druid Hills Pro Shop, Golf Division.

The "Service in Excellence" award went to Jenny Stockus, Legends/Stonehenge Grille, in Operations.

The "Team Player" award went to Don Goodrich, St. George Marina, in Operations; and Ken Fore, Wastewater Systems, Community Services.

The "Club Promoter" award went to Sandie Russell, Central Tee Times, Golf Division; and Abby Julian, Recreation, in Operations.

The "Behind the Scenes" award went to Tim Causey, of Stonehenge Grille, in Operations; and Greg Reppert, Facilities Maintenance, in Community Services.