The Fairfield Glade Community Club committees reported to the board of directors on July 26 as follows:


Single family dwellings, 88 (in 2006 this figure was 164 YTD); under construction, 215; completed, 137; miscellaneous projects, 335.


The golf commitee meets every second Thursday of each month. Everyone is welcome said Don Hawker as he delivered the report. "Our golf courses are in good shape," said Hawker, "and I think we have to give our golf superintendents a big hand."

Hawker also said May and June were good months and the tournaments are all going well.

Some discussion arose regarding the handicap system. The questions were referred to the handicap committee.

Government liason

Ralph Seeh reported it was a record month for Crab Orchard water utility, which pumped 42.3M gallons of water. The only new water lines in the Glade for now will be in areas of new construction.

When residents asked about a taste to the water, COUD director Everette Bolin was there to explain that ordinarily water is taken from the upper layrers of the lake, however, lately they've been pulling from the water lower in the lake that is darker and oclder. "That water is harder to treat," said Bolin. That's why there's a taste, but Bolin assured everyone the water has been tested and is safe.


The exhaust fans recently installed in the tennis center hare improving the airflow in that building.

Tennis pro Bill Van Kuren has received a lot of praise for the improved rankings of students in state competitions.

Mention was made of Bucky Cantrell, who started the Bucky Cantrell Clay Court Classic. Bucky is in a nursing home in Cookeville — he'd like to see you, according to Doug Jones. Board member Glenn Harper commented, "There are an awful lot of people who don't realize what he has done for us."

The tennis committee meets the 13th of each month. You are invited to attend.


Pat Donohue reported the July 4 volunteer firefighter's pancake breakfast served 1,727 people, setting a record. The next pancake breakfast will be Labor Day weekend. Donohue also noted that when the pancake breakfasts move to the new community center, after construction is completed, to please not park in the CMC Wellness Facility parking lot when attending the breakfasts. It's a good neighbor policy.

Fred Weller has been appointed as safety officer. He has overall responsibility for incident safety of training, etc. He has the ability to stop any situation he feels is not in the best interest of safety.

A 43-foot TV tower has been donated to the department. It will be put up at the fire station to raise the antennae there, in hopes of improving radio communications.

Volunteer Energy Cooperative is installing a 110V line to the new firestation. It will help with power needed for the repeater for the north area of the Glade.

Training classes for firefighters are in progress continually, as prescribed by law.

A question was asked of Donohue regarding any news about the cause of the recent timeshare unit fires. Donohue stated there is an ongoing investigation that may take months at the state level. "When it comes back to us, we'll report it," said Donohue.

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