Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 25, 2013

Crossville Mud Bog next event April 27 at noon


CROSSVILLE — The Crossville Mud Bog returns to 1431 Taylors Chapel Rd. April 27 at noon.

Never before has clean family fun been so dirty! This event is sponsored by both locations of Best One Tire and Auto of Crossville and Schubert and Qualls Construction.

Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children 7-12. Kids six and under are free. There are concessions, public restrooms and a large open grassy field for parking. Throw a chair in the back of your truck and bring a tent for some shade. Listen to your favorite local radio stations 102.5 Wow Country and 105.7 The Hog for free ticket giveaways.

If you have a 4x4 truck and want to participate in this event, the complete guideline of classes and tire sizes are listed at Tracking is from the fastest time or longest distance into a 175-foot bog on two passes.

This is a family event and maintained in a family atmosphere.

Results from the April 6 event, 175 ft. bog:

The top truck challenge is sponsored by both locations of Best One Tire and Auto of Crossville on Main St. and Genesis Road.

The Class Challenge was chosen by Best One’s Natalie Steward for the D Class trucks. Trucks drawn from the hat were Mandy Stanley from Smithville and Kenneth Gammon from Murfreesboro.

The winner with a five-second fastest run was Stanley, who took home with her $200 and the metal marble engraved cup-style trophy.

Best One’s Natalie Steward  sponsored the giveaways and door prizes, which included, not only frisbees and footballs, hats and stickers, but a brand new Wii program as well.

E Class Outlaw: 1. Bobby Moran from Clinton, fastest time 6.830; 2. Andrea Davenport, from Cleveland, time 8.553; third-place payout went back to the bog.

D Class: First-place fastest time of 5.819 went to Mandy Stanley from Smithville, bogging her '84 Chevy truck; second place went to Herbie Mud Bug, bogged by Kenneth Gammon from Murfreesboro, time of 12.656; third place time of 19.814 was Jamie Sharp of Crossville.

C Class: The first-place fastest time 9.555 was Steve Davis from Crossville; 2. Asa Davis from Crossville, time 10.054; 3. Cody Dishman in 10.166; 4. Alfred Dishman of Pikeville in 15.980; 5. Jacob Sharp from Crossville in 37 feet; and 6. Jason Watson, bogged distance of 33 feet.

B Class:  The first-place fastest time of 8.490 was Will Bruce from Crossville; 2. Frank Trapp from Crossville in 8.771 seconds; 3. Shannon DeBerry from Murfreesboor in 9.274; 4. James Hawn from Oakdale in 9.637; 5. Devin Sauls from Murfreesboro in 11.304; 6. James (Weasel) Willkerson from Smithville in 15.624; and 7. Savannah Early from Murfreesboro in truck Desperado in 27.663. Early was a first-time bogger.

A Class:  James (Weasel) Wilkerson from Smithville was first place in 10.200. Second place went to Ted Monday of Crossille in 17.687, followed by Justin Thacher of Alpine in 1:23.0 in his Dodge Ram; and 4. Lane Johnson in 71.5 feet.