Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

October 24, 2013

Junior varsity basketball resumed Tuesday


CROSSVILLE — The Cumberland County elementary junior varsity basketball league resumed Oct. 22 with these games —  Brown at Pine View, Martin at Stone, South at Crab Orchard an North at Homestead.

North at Homestead

North 29, Homestead 15: Katie Coudriet led the Lady Patriots with 13 in North's win over the Lady Bulldogs.

Kara Davis led Homestead with seven points.

Scoring summary

North (29): Katie Coudriet 13, Lauren Tabor 2, Gracie Bowman 2, Kelly Carroll 2, Chloe Reagan 4, Katelyn Tabor 4, Anna Goss 2, Maci Gernt 0, Bailey Hicks 0, Addison Tuttle 0, Carlee Amonette 0, Lexi Hinch 0, Charlie Hale 0, Emma Capps 0.

Homestead (15): Kara Davis 7, Sheala Hamby 4, Alisha Cyrus 4, Kylie Shaw 0, Lyrik Mercer 0, Morgan Wilson 0, Josie Smith 0, Molly Strong 0, Chloe Roark 0, Rebecca Webb 0, Ashley Hale 0, Katie Patton 0.

Martin at Stone

Stone 32, Martin 19: Jordan Pelfrey tallied 12 point to lead the Coyotes over the Eagles.

J. Miller led Martin with nine points.

Scoring summary

Martin (19): J. Miller 9, T. Miller 0, T. Christopher 0, A. Flores 5, A. Hawkins 3, T. McGhee, B. Owens 0, Z. Miller 0, C. Profitt 0, J. Bareara 0, E. Foster 0, T. McGhee 2, T. Harvell 0.

Stone (32): Jordan Pelfrey 12, Matthew White 4, Dylan Whittenburg 6, Matt Sweeney 4, Reece Crockett 2, Brady Brewer 2, Carter Pickel 2.

Stone 27, Martin 9: Mattie Buck tallied 12 points to lead the Lady Coyotes over the Lady Eagles.

Maison Gargac led Martin with six points.

Scoring summary

Martin (9): Maison Gargac 6, Cally Copeland 0, Cindy Rector 0, Maddy Daughtery 0, Alivia Bradley 0, Autumn Tushee 0, Sam Cardenas 0, Gabby Crisp 1, Elissa W. 0.

Stone (27): Mattie Buck 12, Courtney Qualls 0, Taylor Todd 2, Kylie Dayton 4, Lexi Galyon 5, Paite Wyatt 2, Lexi True 0, Shelby Cox 2, Lily Rockafellow 0, Morgan Edmonds 0, Sydney Hughes 0, Joelynn Brent 0, Olivia Smith 0.

South at Crab Orchard

South 55, Crab Orchard 15: Drew Davidson poured in 14 points to lead the Rebels over the Tigers.

D.J. Reed led Crab Orchard with 13 points.

Scorng summary

South (55): Kaleb McCoy 6, Trey Christopher 6, Drew Davidson 14, Mason Wyatt 5, Zach Street 8, Trevor Parsons 2, Jack Eldridge 2, Bryce Keyes 2, Brandon Dalton 4, Nick Harvath 4, Zeke Baucum 0, Grant Findley 0, Steve Day 2.

Crab Orchard (15): D.J. Reed 13, Mason Stephens 2, Porter Horsley 0, Blake Phillips 0, Devin Reed 0, Jamie Lockeby 0, Gaven Smith 0, Mitchell Playle 0, Ethan Goss 0, P.J. Barnes 0, Jace Stafford 0, Austin Oakes 0.

South 40, Crab Orchard 7: Tessa Miller talllied 11 points to lead the Lady Rebels over the Lady Tigers.

Katie Adkisson led Crab Orchard with three points.

Scoring summary

South (40): Lauren Randell  2, Keaton Freitag 5, Tessa Miller 11, Chloe Richardson 6, Kallie Hale 0, Jillian Moore 4, Shelbi Smith 8, Nerissa Scarbrough 2, Angel Hayes 2, Camden Smith 0, Danielle Collins 0, Ivey Loveday 0, Sydney Wallace 0, Cassidy Browning 0.

Crab Orchard (7): Katie Adkisson 3, Maddie Hamby 0, Chasity Cooper 2, Cara Jones 0, Ashlyn DeHart 0, Shelby Bullock 0, Skylor Dishman 2, Megan Gunter 0, Courtney Watson 0, Hailey Richards 0.

No report: Nothing was received from the North at Homestead (boys) and Brown at Pine View games.


Oct. 24: Homestead at Crab Orchard, Stone at South, Martin at Brown, Pleasant Hill at Pine View

Oct. 28: Pleasant Hill at Stone, Crab Orchard at Pine View, Martin at North, Homestead at South

Nov. 4: North at South, Crab Orchard at Martin, Pine View at Stone, Pleasant Hill at Brown

Nov. 7: Brown at Crab Orchard, Pleasant Hill at North, Pine View at Homestead, South at Martin

Nov. 11: Homestead at Martin, North at Pine View, Crab Orchard at Pleasant Hill, Stone at Brown

Nov. 14: Pine View at South, Pleasant Hill at Homestead, North at Brown, Crab Orchard at Stone

Nov. 16, 18 and 21: Junior varsity tournament at Pleasant Hill.

(Editor's note: It is the home school's responsibility, win or lose, to report results 9 a.m. the following day. Please include first and last names of all players, whether they play or not, as there may be players with the same last name on both teams. Results of games played two weeks ago or older will not be accepted. Also, junior varsity rosters are desperately needed. When faxing copies of the pages from the scorebooks or the provided scoresheets, please be sure all of the names are legible and include players first names of all players. Scores and rosters may be faxed to 456-7683 or e-mailed to