Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

March 12, 2013

Document scanning program aids efficiency

By Heather Mullinix
Assistant editor

CROSSVILLE — A $50,000 project to transfer old Cumberland County School records to a digital format has been completed, with school personnel delighted with the results.

Gerry Rice, attendance and student records clerk, said, "In the past I had to go to the archives, bring them up, make copies and then re-file the original files. It was a big process and took a lot of time."

Now, Rice can access the records electronically, searching by graduation year, birth date, name or other other criteria. The records scanned include student records from 1948 forward.

"It's a very intuitive system and simple to use," Rice said.

Director of Schools Aarona VanWinkle said, "It's saving us countless hours."

Digipoint Solutions scanned the records, providing better legibility of old paper documents that previously available. Each high school can now scan records each year to be included in the digital archives and have access to the secure system. Rice hopes to launch an online transcript request service where she would receive an email when someone needed a copy of their school records. Records can also be emailed, eliminating the need for paper and postage.

The records are also backed up each day.

The original records are still in the basement of the Central Office, though the state has advised the school system the law only requires the records to be kept, not what format they are kept.

VanWinkle said, "We've thought about advertising that people can come and get their files because our basement is full."

The Cumberland County Board of Education took the following action at it's February meeting:

•Approved an additional night stay for the Stone Memorial High School wrestling team to attend the state tournament;

•Approved disposal of surplus equipment at Martin Elementary, Stone Elementary and the school system's technology department;

•Approved yearbook and photography contracts with Lifetouch for Crab Orchard Elementary and Cumberland County High School;

•Approved an application for a VECustomers Share Grant from Crab Orchard Elementary for installation of frosted window film;

•Approved a grant proposal for IDEA preschool discretionary grant funds;

•Approved an overnight field trip to Warren County High School for the CCHS baseball team March 22;

•Approved Tasha Beason as a volunteer at Martin Elementary;

•Approved Ariel Bowen, Lisa Carter, Julia Cox and Amy Headrick as volunteers at Pine View Elementary;

•Approved the following Career and Technical Education program volunteers — Kacey Street, Jauwana Essex, Dale Lane, Bill Thompson, Brenda Thompson, Misty DePoortere, Christy Edmonds, Kevin Potter, Dione Myers, Samantha Stone, Jeremy Newcome, April Moore, Amy Headrick, Lisa Carter, Tina Nicholson, Stacey McElhaney, Ciny Draus, Tina Niles, Bill Rhoads, Linda Lampman, Walt Peterson, Denny Roy, Rich Soenen and Shelia Seiber;

•Approved Amy Hester as a volunteer for the gifted education program's KEY classes;

•Approved Jessica Madans as a volunteer at South Cumberland Elementary; and

•Approved Theodore Paul McKnight as a volunteer at Pleasant Hill Elementary.