Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

January 1, 2013

Looking Back

By Dorothy Copus Brush
Chronicle correspondent

CROSSVILLE — December 1897

+The cigarette law has been completely knocked out by the federal court, which holds that cigarettes shipped loose in baskets into the state from the factory are in the original package and can be sold in packs of 10 cigarettes. Each box of 10 is an original package. The rich corporations must have money even at the sacrifice of the youth of the land.

+A candy pull was given at the home of Attorney John J. Tracy last Friday evening. Joy and sweetness spread all over the place till a late hour.

+Morris Schwerin, J.B. Johnson and W.J. Hodges left Tuesday for Nashville via Bon Air. We hope they will bring good railroad news when they return. Rumor has it that surveyors will take topography along the narrow gauge railroad from some point on the mountain to the Tennessee River. Work will commence next week. What does it mean?     

December 1930

+To the cigarette smokers of Crossville Alvin Hamby gives this advice. “Boys, let’s leave off smoking for a day and give that much money to the children that are so unfortunate as to not have enough to buy something extra for Christmas. If we all join in this and deny ourselves for one day the price of a package of cigarettes it will make more than one little heart happy. Go into any store and leave the money and the merchant will see the money is used well.”

+Cumberland County has $50,000 tied up in the recent failure of Caldwell & Co. who is connected with the recent bank failures that have seriously interfered with state funds along with the funds of many individuals. A mass meeting has been called. The $50,000 was issued to help build the road from Crossville to Herbert Domain, 17 miles south of Crossville.

December 1977

+Many letters to the editor are printed debating the ERA. A local Eagle Forum (an alternative to women’s lib) is formed.

+The city is considering a tougher ordinance pertaining to the sale of literature considered obscene. Samples of magazines sold in grocery stores were distributed to commissioners. They were described as “degrading to Crossville.”