Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 21, 2009

Tansi Waste Management breaks ground on facility

By Pauline Sherrer / Chronicle publisher

Tansi Waste Management, Inc. had been created as a 501c3 corporation. This corporation is totally separate from the Lake Tansi POA. Once certain legal and permit questions are settled and financing obtained, the new corporation will begin to offer sewer services to the Tansi residents in a carefully planned series of steps.

Tansi Waste Management, Inc. has been designated by Cumberland County Mayor Brock Hill as the sewer utility for all the subdivision of Lake Tansi and all properties adjacent to Dunbar Rd. between O’Henry Drive/Brown Elementary to Shadbury Rd., according to Claude “Duke” Coyne, TWMI president.

“We are the designated sewer utility district for this area. We figure the entire process will be a five phase project with a time frame of between 5-7 years for total completion,” proudly voices Duke Coyne. Other directors of TWMI include vice president Ron Alt, treasurer Dick LeClair, secretary Herb Pallatt and board member Ken Qualls.

TWMI has applied to the state for an amendment to it's NPDES permit (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System), which will allow private homes to hook onto the system. The Bio Reactor Membrane treatment facility can process 25,000 gallons per day with expansion capability up to 50,000 gallons per day. This treatment facility has been ordered from Xenon, a division of General Electric.

Currently, phase one sewer permit only includes the POA amenities. A four-inch trunk line placed 24-36 inches deep will be installed, beginning at the POA office, running past the cabins, down Cravens Dr., under Dunbar Rd. and back to the membrane treatment facility. Another trunk line will service the country club and the Hiawatha Building. The treatment facility plant will be located behind the new POA maintenance building. The effluent bi-product will be used for golf course irrigation.

Phase two involves the connection of the critical area around the lake. A 2-inch line will run from each home to the main trunk line.

Phase three involves the expansion to those areas in Tansi that are located beyond the most critical areas around the lake.

Phases four and five includes the outlaying areas that are logistically and economically feasible.

Coyne stated, “Overall our mission is to provide sewer service to all of the residents in our area, so long as it is economically and logistically feasible. There will be 10,800 feet of trunk line with approximately 3,700 feet of service line in phase one alone. Obviously, it is a major undertaking."

TWMI has hired W & O Construction Company of Livingston, TN, and the engineering firm, ECE, Environmental & Civil Engineering Services, of Crossville for phase one of this project.