Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

October 10, 2012

Local option sales tax collections down for September

By Gary Nelson
Senior staff writer

CROSSVILLE — Local option sales tax collections were down by $30,000 for the month of September, according to Cumberland County Finance Director Nathan Brock.

Brock reported to the budget committee last week during its monthly meeting that the collections were down for September, but overall, they were still up by $4,630 for the fiscal year.

"It's very early in the fiscal year, but we do still give this report each month and wanted you to be aware. We are up by $4,630 for August and September," Brock said.

Actual sales tax collections were $735,161 for August and $662,227 for September for a total of $1.39 million so far.

Brock reported that property tax collections were not available yet as notices have just been sent by the county trustee's office.

Brock reported that hotel/motel tax collections were at $185,253, which is 28.5 percent of the $650,000 budgeted amount for the year. Those figures are up by $10,000 over the same period last year.

"Again, it's early, but those collections seem to be on track and a little above budget," Brock said.

Brock reported collections for the Cumberland County EMS ambulance service at $324,387 of a $3 million budget.

"Those figures do not include the collections from Medicare that Jeff (Dodson) reported because we did not have those figures yet," Brock said.

Earlier in the meeting, Cumberland County Fire Chief and EMS Director Jeff Dodson reported to the budget committee the county had received a total of $415,552 from Medicare from August and September for back payments dating to January of this year.

Cumberland County Trustee Kim Tollett Wyatt reported to the committee that property tax notices were sent in September and that the department had received $37,148 for the month of September. The total property tax billed amount for the county for 2012 is $20.1 million.

Wyatt reported that public utility collection for Sept. 2012 was at $1,112.