Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

May 15, 2013

Sales tax collections remain below budget

By Gary Nelson
Senior staff writer

CROSSVILLE — Cumberland County Finance Director Nathan Brock told the county's budget committee earlier this week that sales tax revenue collections continue to come in below budgeted projections by $74,826 for the current fiscal year.

"Again, a reminder is that we are up in those collections over last year's figures, but we're not quite at the budgeted level," Brock said.

Actual local option sales tax collection figures for the fiscal year are $5,809,445. There are three months remaining in the fiscal year for collections.

He reported property tax figures were at 100.1 percent, which means the delinquency rate is slightly lower this year.

The county automatically figures a delinquency rate of six percent in its budgeted projections.

"We are ahead in those collections by about one percent over last year," Brock said.

Hotel/motel tax collections are down slightly. Actual collections are currently at $532,800 of a $650,000 budget projection, which is 82 percent of the budgeted amount. Last year at this point, $534,465 had been collected.

Ambulance service collections were reported at $2,412,295 of a $3 million budget, which is 80.4 percent.

Prisoner boarding was reported at $772,967 of an $833,000 projection, which is 92.8 percent.

"Those figures are looking good at this point," Brock said.

The committee also approved the following budget amendments:

• A $20,000 amendment from communications equipment was approved because the bid on equipment came in lower than estimated. The funds will come from the communications line in the county fire department budget and be returned to the general fund balance.

• A $6,000 amendment for asphalt or paving for repairs at the EMS building parking lot. The funds will come from the unrestricted fund balance.

• A $2,000 line item amendment from the EMS department to take funds from the uniform line and place it into the vehicle maintenance and repair line.

• A $10,000 amendment for the Cumberland County Highway Department to take funds from the metal pipe line and place them into the crushed stone line.

• A $22,655 amendment for the Cumberland County Highway Department to take funds from salt, wood products and lines and place them into the asphalt liquid and crushed stone lines.

"I think that's a great idea and that's what needs to be done," Mike Harvel, 7th District commissioner, said.

In a letter to the committee, Scott Blaylock, Cumberland County highway superintendent, said the funds will be used on upcoming repair projects.