Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

November 14, 2012

Shop Crossville First program starts Nov. 22


CROSSVILLE — The Chamber of Commerce is kicking off the 16th Annual Shop Crossville First program. We are excited to be to giving away at least $2000 in gift certificates. The Shop Crossville First program brings a spotlight to the importance of shopping locally and rewards those that do spend their dollars in Cumberland County.

It is important to understand the impact keeping our dollars locally has on the economy. According to research from the New Economics Foundation shopping locally is twice as efficient at keeping a local economy alive. The dollars spent in a community help to maintain local businesses, which in turn employ people and provide the capital for those employees to then spend money in other stores, thus sustaining the economy. Local spending is the life blood of a local economy. Essentially, you have to spend money locally to keep money moving locally. When local residents take their dollars outside a city or county those are dollars lost. They do no circulate back in support of the local economy.

Because local government services depend so much on local sales tax collections, this annual campaign of the Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce continues to play a significant role. In Crossville and Cumberland County our sales tax dollars support our schools, our fire and police departments as well as our local governments. When we spend our money in Cumberland County we are not only supporting our local businesses ensuring continued economic success we are doing so much more. Additionally, local spending helps to ensure we continue to enjoy low property taxes.

“We believe shopping locally makes sense and saves dollars,” said Chamber Board Chair Brad Fox. Besides getting great deals locally, shoppers will save on time and gas by not driving to other communities. With the rise of online shopping, customers might be swayed to stay at home altogether, but the Internet is hardly an alternative to the warm, friendly, face-to-face service that our local businesses can offer.

“Supporting local businesses that employ our friends and neighbors while keeping tax dollars in Crossville, Fairfield Glade and Cumberland County, is important to the economic health of our County,” explained Valorie Cox who chairs the Chamber’s Retail Development Division. Cox added that 110 businesses supported the “Shop Crossville First” program last year. Local businesses are encouraged to get involved in the Shop Crossville First campaign by registering as a Participating Merchant or a Sponsoring Merchant with the Chamber. Our corporate sponsors, participating and sponsoring merchants will be featured on the Shop Crossville First page of the Chamber website with a link to their websites as well as being listed in the Chronicle.

Shoppers can start looking for the “Shop Crossville First” logo on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2012. Aside from finding great deals on holiday gifts, participating businesses will also have registration forms and boxes. This year, twenty $100 gift certificates will be drawn. Five each Monday on November 26, December 3, 10 and 17.

Fox and Cox both expressed their thanks to this years corporate sponsors. The Shop Crossville First program would not be possible without the support of our 2012 Corporate Sponsors: Cumberland County Bank, Crossville Housing Authority, Highland Federal Savings & Loan, First National Bank of Tennessee, Progressive Savings Bank, The Bank of Crossville, Volunteer Energy Cooperative, Upper Cumberland Federal Credit Union, Walgreens, Walmart Super Center. As well as a very special thanks to our media sponsors: Crossville Chronicle, Flynn Sign Co., Inc., and PEG Broadcasting.

We appreciate the support and assistance from all our sponsors, and expressed thanks to all Crossville businesses for their support.

As you head out to get your shopping done, stop and think if you can get everything you need from your local merchants before driving your dollars out of the county.