Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

March 12, 2013

Looking Back

By Dorothy Copus Brush
Chronicle correspondent

CROSSVILLE — March 1909

+John Q. Burnett and son have closed a deal with Frank Russell for 200,000 eighth barrel staves which ensures the starting of the stave mill here in a short time. Good eighth barrel beer staves are 18 inches long, 4 inches wide  and 1 and a half thick at heart.

+Isoline – Henderson Pippin, while handling a revolver, let the weapon go off, shooting himself through the hand and Mr. Holmes in the leg. Mr. Holmes, being an old man, will likely be a cripple for the rest of his life. Dr. J.F. Lockhart is in attendance.

+Apple Water: Core a large sour apple and in the cavity put a teaspoonful of sugar; bake till tender. Wash and pour over one cupful of water; let stand one hour. Drain, serve hot or cold.

March 1922

+Friends of “Uplands” Sanatarium will be interested to hear the frame-work is nearly completed. The building as thus outlined against the sky gives promise of great attractiveness and with its generous proportions, wide porches and spacious basement already hints at the large service to all this countryside. It is expected to be open for patients June 1.

+Big Lick –Jas. McDaniel invited in his neighbors to help in clearing some land. About seven acres were made ready to plow. Mrs, McDaniel had two quilts in the frames and the women quilted them. Mr. McDaniel says there was more work done on this day than was ever done at a working in Cumberland County.

+Blue Ribbon Shoe Hospital, Crossville – Don’t throw away your old shoes - bring them here for expert repairs that will double their life. Men’s half soles $1.25 pair; Ladies half soles 85 cents a pair; heels straightened 25 cents and 50 cents each.

March 1980

+Forty-six contestants took part in the spelling bee which lasted one hour and 20 minutes.  One hundred fifty-six words were used and Cumberland County Elementary 6th grader Cindy Shultz was the winner in the 7th round when she defeated the last two contestants by spelling “scissors” correctly.