Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

October 30, 2012

Looking Back

By Dorothy Copus Brush
Chronicle correspondent

CROSSVILLE — October 1909

+Two jobs which the average hired man dislikes most are milking cows and spreading manure by hand. The modern manure spreader has brought more joy to hired men than any recent device, and the milking machine is coming.

+Dr. F.J. Upham and family and Mrs. W.S. DeGolia drove to Flat Rock Sunday to attend a meeting of the foot washing Baptists, but owing to the rain or some other unknown cause, the minister failed to show up and the foot washing was postponed. There was quite a crowd present.

+W.L. Taylor left Crossville about five years ago to live in California. He writes he has written a novel dealing with moonshiners of the mountains of Tennessee. It is a 200 page, paper back book and costs 15 cents.

October 1922

+The post office department has announced that every house in the United States that does not have a mail receptacle in which to place mail, after Dec. 26, no more mail will be delivered until a receptacle is provided. This is to facilitate deliveries. Now mail delivery men have to wait some minutes for the people of the house to respond to the postman’s whistle.

+We are having a few sensations in and about Mayland. The officers are busy trying to run down bootleggers. The best citizens are behind the officers and we wish them all kinds of success as we do not wish to see our fine young men ruined by drinking their poison booze.

+The editor of the Chronicle has accepted the duties of keeping track of the weather at Crossville through equipment furnished by the government. The second frost October 11, showed it got one degree below freezing.

October 1976

+Margie Woodhouse was named B&PW’s Woman of 1976. She is the vice president and executive secretary to First National Bank president Mose Dorton.