Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

October 17, 2012

UPS parcel leads to drug arrest

By Michael R. Moser

CROSSVILLE — A suspcious family member opened a package that arrived at a Crossville residence, addressed to a relative, and inside found a package identified by police as meth. A call to police led to the arrest of the complaintant's mother.

Kimberly Sharlen Adkisson, 35, 71 Campbell St., is charged with possession of methamphtemine for resale and with domestic assault, according to the arrest report.

Ptl. Matthew Green wrote that he was dispatched to a Campbell St. address around 11 a.m. Saturday and arrived to find Christian Davis, 19, complaining of being assaulted by his mother. He also reported that about 30 minutes earlier, a UPS delivery had arrived in the form of a package he believed intended for his mother.

The mother, identified as Adkisson, lives with a boyfriend in a shed behind Davis' residence, the officer was told.

Police were told that the package was addressed to Davis' grandfather, who has never lived at the residence. Davis and his grandmother, Edna Wilson, opened the package and found a clear plastic bag in a container with a baggie of coffee grounds.

That is when Davis called the police, but during that call, his mother entered the residence, demanding the telephone. Davis said when he refused to end the call, his mother started hitting and slapping him. She fled from the residence as officers arrived.

Davis showed signs of assault, which led police to contact Adkisson about the assault.

Investigation revealed the package had been shipped from a Buena Park, CA address, and that Adkisson was allegedly found in possession of a moneygram in the amout of $300 that had been sent to a man at that address, and a receipt from Walmart where she had purchased the money order.

Adkisson was taken to the Justice Center where she was booked on the two charges.