Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

September 4, 2013

End-of-year budget amendments OK’d

By Heather Mullinix
Assistant editor

CROSSVILLE — A number of line item budget amendments were approved by the executive committee of the Cumberland County Board of Education in order to close out the 2013 fiscal year, but members of the board questioned the timing of the amendments.

“These are from the past fiscal year,” said Dan Schlafer, 9th District representative. “In my mind’s eye, wouldn’t that need the consent or approval of the previous director?”

Richard Janeway, 2nd District representative, also questioned those amendments being dated June 30, but signed by Director of Schools Donald Andrews, who did not officially assume his duties until July 1.

The amendments were “housekeeping” items, said Chief Financial Officer Bob Scarbrough.

“These were brought to the system’s attention by the finance department before June 30,” Scarbrough said. “I guess during the transition, the actual amendments were not carried through.”

While those amendments were not carried through prior to June 30 and the end of the fiscal year, the books were not officially closed until later in July, he explained.

Sandy Brewer, 3rd District representative, said, “Until the books are closed, you’re working on June 30. This was to straighten out books for the prior year.”

Scarbrough said the amendments were presented to him on his second or third day on the job, as he did not assume his duties until July 1.

“I’ll keep an eye on this year so it’s done before June 30.”

BOE Attorney Earl Patton said that, while he could not say if Andrews signing the amendments dated June 30 would be an audit finding, “He had apparent authority. I don’t think it would be a contractual problem. As for an audit issue, I don’t know.”

David Bowman, 7th District representative, moved to approve the action of the executive committee to approve the amendments, supported by Josh Stone, 4th District representative. The motion was approved with Janeway and Schlafer voting no.

Line item amendments approved were:

•Moving $870 from homebound teachers to teachers in the regular instruction program;

•Moving $69.37 from life insurance and $1,427.06 from dental insurance to increase expenditures for medical insurance $1,350.04 and other supplies and materials $146.39 for special education support services;

•Moving $868.40 from supervisor/director to clerical personnel for vocational support services;

•Moving $808.20 from legal services and $159.18 from other supplies and materials to increase medical insurance $967.38 in Board of Education Support Services;

•Moving $562.72 from life insurance to medical insurance within the office of the principal budget;

•Moving $4,475.96 from other salaries and wages to custodial personnel in operation of plant budget;

•Moving $236.76 in other contracted services to part-time personnel in maintenance of plant budget;

•Moving $159.04 from social workers, $690.71 from state retirement and $62.30 from travel to add $912.05 to other charges within the community services budget;

•Moving 48 cents from the supervisor/director line, $718.48 from mechanics, $788.80 from clerical personnel, $556.72 and other salaries and wages and $1,795.85 to add $2,064.48 for bus drivers and $1.795.85 for vehicle parts within the transportation series;

•Moving $883.14 from assistants, $233.52 from secretary(s), $575.58 from medical insurance and $178.37 from dental insurance to add $1,870.61 to other salaries and wages within central and other series;

•Moving $30.64 from medical insurance, $2.98 from dental insurance, $1,634.26 from travel and $8,324.25 from other contracted services to add $8,500 to other salaries and wages and office from the office of the superintendent series;

•Moving $1,487.46 from teachers to medical insurance in the alternative instruction program;

•Moving $197.28 from dental insurance from medical insurance in vocation education program;

•Moving $223.75 from Social Security, $148.16 from state retirement and $104.63 from dental insurance to add $476.54 to other supplies and materials in the attendance program budget; and

•Moving $719.12 from secretaries to librarians in the regular instruction program.

In other business, the following items were approved:

•2013-’14 calendar of events for Career and Technical Education student organizations;

•Martin Elementary Beta Club trip to New York City may 13-17, 2014;

•Martin Elementary FCCLA Club to attend district STAR Events March 7, 2014, at Tennessee Technological University, state FCCLA conference in Nashville April 22-24, 2014, and national FCCLA conference in San Antonio, TX, July 6-10, 2014. State and national trips are pending student advancement past district STAR events;

•Stone Elementary trip for sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students to New York May 11-15, 2014;

•Contract between Homestead Elementary School and Lifetouch Photography for school photographic services; and

•Disposal of surplus inventory at Cumberland County High School, Homestead Elementary, Martin Elementary, North Cumberland Elementary, Pine View Elementary, South Cumberland Elementary and Stone Elementary.