Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 21, 2012

Health Department sets target opening

By Gary Nelson
Senior staff writer

CROSSVILLE — Officials with the Cumberland County Health Department have a target date of Jan. 22, 2013, for opening the county’s new facility on Hwy. 127 S.

Karen Roper, director of the health department, told Cumberland County Mayor Kenneth Carey Jr., “We'd like to move around the 15th of January and have set a target date of opening Jan. 22, but we don’t have our truck and everything worked out yet.”

Roper made the announcement at the Cumberland County Finance Committee meeting Friday. She said they planned to do the move over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.

Bids were approved for both medical and office equipment during the meeting.

Cumberland County Finance Director Nathan Brock explained when the bid documents were prepared, they were prepared to receive a single source supplier for all of the medical items and a single source provider for all of the office equipment.

“That was the intent of the county on the bid package in order to save a lot of headache and issues if there were several low bidders pieced together on the project. That’s the way it was put out,” Brock said.

A low bid of $42,923.68 was approved and accepted from Physician’s Sales and Services after a motion was made by Nancy Hyder, 2nd District commissioner. Hyder’s motion was supported by Mike Harvel, 7th District commissioner, and it was unanimously approved.

However, Harvel said he would have like to have known how much it might have saved if the county were able to pick and choose items from each of the bidders, rather than just go with one package.

“It would be hard to do that because the bids weren’t prepared that way and a (company) might price something differently if it was part of a complete package,” Brock said.

The other company that submitted a bid was Medline. The Medline bid was $48,770.62.

Medical supplies in the package included 14 items in large quantities including, eight patient room status flow flag systems, six diagnostic wall system, vital signs monitors, nine digital weight scales, 10 Accu-Hite stadiometer, four wall mounting kits for vital machines, two different Bariatric/Barrier-free exam beds, five exam beds, 12 clinic stools, 36 triple stainless steel glove dispensers, six audioscopes, 24 stethoscopes and five hands-free trash cans.

For office equipment, a bid package amount of $63,851 was approved and accepted from Plateau Office Supply of Crossville. Medline and Staples also submitted bids, but those two companies left out bids on several items in the package, creating a non-compliant bid.

The bid from Plateau Office Supply was approved unanimously after a motion was made by Harvel. Harvel’s motion was supported by Hyder.

“We also wanted to go with a single vendor solution for the office supply bid,” Brock said.

“Did you ask why these other companies didn’t bid on some of these items?” Carmin Lynch, 9th District commissioner asked.

“No, they were told up front what was in the bid package and, for whatever reason, they chose not to bid on certain items,” Brock said.

The bids were well within the budget of $125,130 budget.

The office supply package included 19 separate items, including six Bariatric loveseats, 94 guest chairs, 16 Bariatric side chairs, 64 executive mid-back office chairs, 80 nesting chairs, 23 wall reference systems, 20 motion desk reference systems, three L-shaped workstations with desks, four five-foot work desks, six 42-inch square tables, six bases for the 42-inch tables, 20 five-foot rectangular training tables, 20 folding table top bases, one six-foot rectangular conference table, one conference table base, two end tables, 48 coat racks, two quartet double-glass magnetic message boards and two sets of quartet center magnetic letters.