Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

July 12, 2013

School nutrition program benefits from additional commodities

By Heather Mullinix
Assistant editor

— The Cumberland County School Nutrition Program benefited from about $30,000 in additional commodities from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

That extra food required a budget amendment to close out the 2012-'13 budget.

"Some schools had extra commodities they couldn't use, so we were able to take some bulk commodities to process," explained Kathy Hamby, director of the school nutrition program.

"When we figured the commodity value for the year, it was almost $30,000 of free food to the school system."

Josh Stone, 4th District representative, moved to approve the line item budget amendment that decreased expenses for food supplies by $27,900 and other supplies and materials by $760 and increased USDA Commodities by $28,660. The motion was supported by David Bowman, 7th District representative. The motion was unanimously approved.

The executive committee also approved several line item amendments to the general purpose school fund. Those amendments were:

•Increase communications expenses $1,000 and decrease natural gas expenses by $1,000 in operation of plant;

•Increase expenses for principals $41,388 and clerical personnel $3,100 and decrease expenses for assistant principals $35,000 and secretary(s) $9,488;

•Increase expenses for medical personnel $4,475 and decrease part-time personnel $2,400 and other contracted services by $2,075;

•Decrease expenditures for career ladder $2,400, extended contracts $6,000, certified substitutes $3,742, non-certified substitutes $6,978, medical $12,490, instructional supplies $840 and equipment $260 and increase expenditures for teachers $13,500, homebound $4,200, aides, $4,900, speech pathologists $3,100, other salaries, $6,700, maintenance and repair $200, other supplies $75 and other charges $35;

•Decrease expenses for other equipment $500 and increase expenses for supervisor $105, psychologists $195 and travel $200;

•Increase expenses for instructional supplies $38,466.70, substitute teachers $2,946, health insurance $2,443 and staff development $801 and decrease expenses for director $15, teachers $2,204, extended contract $1,100, educational assistants $18,808, other salaries and wages $6,412, substitute teachers $220, Social Security $3,518, retirement $4,328, life insurance $299, dental insurance $190, travel $5,179.14, other supplies and materials $1,268.58, other charges $450 and instructional equipment $664.98;

•Decrease expenses for food supplies $10,063 and increase expenses for the supervisor $19, bookkeeper $17, maintenance personnel $922, other salaries and wages $153, state retirement $1,578, unemployment compensation $1,037, equipment and machinery parts $4,500, other charges $837 and food service equipment $1,000;

•Increase expenses for disposal fees $250 and water and sewer $26,350 and decrease expenses for natural gas $26,600; and

•Increase expenses for health insurance $12,000 and other contracted services $7,200 and decrease expenses for unemployment compensation $19,200.

In other business, the board approved the school nutrition programs compliance reported, with a motion by Dan Schlafer, 9th District representative, and supported by Stone. The motion was unanimously approved.

The board also approved the consent agenda, with Bowman voting no.

The consent agenda included the following:

•Contract with Tennessee Early Intervention System to provide early intervention services to Cumberland County children with developmental disabilities from birth to age three.

•Brown Elementary contract with Lifetouch for photography and yearbook services.

•Stone Memorial High School contract with Lifetouch for photography services.

•Cumberland County High School contract with Canteen Select Services for snacks.

•SMHS cheerleaders overnight trip to UCA camp at Tennessee Technological University July 16-21.

•SMHS volleyball team overnight team bonding trip in conjunction with Plateau Eco-Sports July 16-17. The trip will include rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking and canoeing.

•Crab Orchard Elementary merchandise fundraiser.

•Martin Elementary tumblers and magazines fundraiser.

•South Cumberland Elementary Smart Card fundraiser.

•Disposal of surplus property at North Cumberland, Martin and South Cumberland elementary schools.

•High school class supplies and services donation schedule.

•Contract with Scholastic Insurors, Inc., to provide accident insurance for students.