Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

August 14, 2013

Medical director agreement gets OK

By Gary Nelson
Senior staff writer

CROSSVILLE — After several months of reviewing, rewriting and legal advice by Cumberland County attorney Randal Boston, the Cumberland County Commission approved a resolution and agreement for a medical director in Cumberland County. The emergency services committee reviewed the agreement for several months prior to submitting it to the county commission for its consideration.

The agreement is between the county and Dr. Mark Fox for Fox to serve as medical director to oversee the operations of its emergency services as required by law.

Fox has been serving in this capacity for several years, but there has been no formal agreement between him and the county. Fox submitted the agreement to the county for its consideration several months ago after the county began talks of implementing an agreement.

According to resolution 07-2013-5, “The medical director will be considered a part-time position with the county and will maintain the salary that has been previously agreed upon for the medical director’s position.”

The salary previously agreed upon is $250 per month.

The medical director is authorized to carry and operate all equipment necessary to carry out his duties. The medical director operates his personal vehicle with appropriate emergency warning equipment (lights and audible warning devices), radios, medical emergency equipment. Cumberland County does not provide a county issued vehicle for the medical director position.

No expense of operation of the privately owned vehicle will be the responsibility of the county including mileage or maintenance.

The medical director shall provide vehicle liability insurance. The medical director may be dispatched to a scene or incident by Cumberland County fire chief/EMS director, the Emergency Management Agency director, or their designee as per protocol.

The medical director shall maintain a valid Tennessee medical license.

When responding to a scene, incident, or emergency situation as directed by the authorized persons listed, the medical director is not responding in a personal individual capacity, but as an authorized agent of Cumberland County as its medical director.

The medical director provides the following:

Medical control services, personnel evaluations as needed, advice to Cumberland County EMS regarding EMS and billing issues, participates in educational programs, advises the EMS director and county mayor on issues relating to emergency services, assists in planning new programs that promote public welfare, responds to calls for mutual aid to outside jurisdictions, advises the first responder programs, serves as chief medical officer for Cumberland County, assists in coordination of research projects, responds to incident scenes to provide care, triage and command as able, requested and desired, acts as an authorized signing and credentialed agent for the procurement of controlled substances for use by the EMS personnel during delivery of patient care and has the ability or knowledge to perform care which is unable to be delivered by anyone with lesser training as situations dictate.

The position is to be re-approved each calendar year by the county commission and can not be dissolved by either party without six months of notice.

The agreement was approved unanimously after a motion was made by 6th District Commissioner Terry Carter. Carter’s motion was supported by John Kinnunen, 9th District commissioner.