Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

June 20, 2013

County passes continuing budget resolution to keep offices open

By Gary Nelson
Senior staff writer

CROSSVILLE — During Monday's Cumberland County Commission meeting, the commission passed a continuing budget resolution to keep the doors open and the wheels turning in the county's governmental operations.

The continuing budget has been routinely passed each year when the county is unable to adopt a new fiscal year budget by July 1.

This year is no exception as the Board of Education has not yet approved its 2013-'14 fiscal year budget and neither has the county budget committee approved the county's general fund.

The continuing budget resolution 06-2013-11 allows county departments, offices and agencies to continue to expend funds at the same level as budgeted in the 2012-'13 fiscal year budget.

The same property tax rate of $1.4975 per $100 of taxable property also continues in effect until a new property tax is adopted.

No funds can be spent or obligated beyond the amount approved in last year's budget.

The resolution was passed unanimously after a motion was made by Mike Harvel, 7th District commissioner, and was supported by Allen Foster, 4th District commissioner.

The county commission also approved the following budget amendment resolutions:

• 06-2013-1 — for the Sanitation Fund in the amount of $206 for dental insurance.

•06-2013-2 — for decreasing the unassigned fund balance by $1,325 and increasing expenditures in communication costs for several county departments.

•06-2013-3 — for decreasing the highway fund's unassigned fund balance by $1,351 and increasing expenditures in health and dental insurance in highway administration and operations and increasing expenditures in highway operations longevity pay.

•06-2013-4 — to increase revenue for the Art Circle Public Library by $3,468 to reflect fees collected during April and May 2013, and to increase expenses in other charges at the library by the same amount.

•06-2013-5 — to increase revenue from law enforcement training programs by $4,950 and to increase sheriff's department salary supplements by $4,200 and fire salary supplements by $750.

•06-2013-6 — to decrease expenditures for library deputies, employee insurance, library books/media, other supplies and materials and other charges by $7,011 and to increase expenditures for supervisor/director, secretary, clerical personnel, longevity pay, dental insurance and communications, as well as $6,200 for increased expenses in utilities.

•06-2013-7 — a budget amendment to move $34,151 from jail guards to allow for increased expenditures of $5,995 for juvenile services guards, $6,300 for part-time employment, $933 for Social Security and $574 for retirement. Also to allow for increased expenditures in courtroom security of $6,618 for deputies, $3,800 for part-time employment and $631 for Social Security.

•06-2013-8 — to decrease expenditures in the county's general fund budget by $37,368 in unassigned fund balance and $11,564 in sheriff's  department workers compensation for a total of $48,932. Expenditures in various lines of the county budget were approved, including $20,925 for ambulance service worker's compensation, $6,970 for fire department worker's compensation, $4,012 in health insurance for health department employees, $6,222 for longevity pay in the ambulance service and $4,000 in utilities at the Cumberland County Community Complex.

•06-2013-9 — to increase revenue for drug control grants by $93,373 and increasing the unassigned fund balance by $93,373 for the county's Drug Court program. Expenses have been budgeted, but revenue was not until the grant was approved.

•06-2013-10 — to increase revenue for contracted prisoner board by $110,000 to account for an increase in state and regional prisoners housed at the Cumberland County Jail. Also, the resolution includes increasing expenditures for food in the jail by $50,000 and utilities by $60,000.

Commissioners Charles Seiber, 4th District, and Jeff Brown, 8th District, did not attend the meeting.