Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

October 4, 2013

Panel advises forming Wildlife Fisheries committee

By Gary Nelson
Senior staffwriter

CROSSVILLE — The county's environmental committee unanimously approved forming a Wildlife Fisheries Committee and voted to send the recommendation to the county commission.

Mike Harvel, 7th District county commissioner, handed out a sample resolution for creating the committee and said, "This resolution has been passed by several counties already and several more in the state are considering passing it and forming these committees."

"What value is this committee going to have? I mean, what difference is it going to make?" 9th District commissioner Carmin Lynch asked.

"It's to help give citizens a local voice in dealing with TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency) and the fish and wildlife commission," Harvel said.

Harvel explained there are several upcoming and current issues the committee could provide input for, such as clear cutting of timber on Catoosa, farmers experiencing crop damage from feral hogs, black vultures killing small calves and migratory birds damaging crops.

Johnny Presley, 3rd District commissioner, moved to set the committee up and Harvel supported the motion.

It will now move forward for the county commission's consideration.

In other areas, Harvel, Cumberland County recycling manager, told the committee there were three grants the department intended to apply for, or has applied for, to benefit the recycling center.

"There's an Oct. 21 deadline to apply for one grant for $300,000. This is the same one we got last year that went for buying the building and work on our recycling hub. It's a hub grant and, if we can get it, we can use this one for new trucks and scales we'll need with the single stream recycling line," Harvel said.

Harvel said there is no match from the county required for the grant.

Harvel gave the information to the committee, of which he is a member, during a recycling center update.

Another grant is for processing used oil.

Harvel said the grant was 100 percent funded and required no match from the county and was for oil burning furnaces. He said the department had applied for three of those, which would be maintained by the recycling center.

The third grant is an equipment grant, which is a 60/40 percent split grant.

"It would require a county match of 40 percent and we could use this for buying containers for the recycling program we're going to need," Harvel said.

Harvel also reported in the first quarter of the budget year there has been $99,000 in sales of recycled materials, which is at budgeted figures for the year.