Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

January 31, 2013

2013 starts like 2012 — wet

By Roger Thackston
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — For those that can remember back 12 months ago to January 2012, you will recall the month registered a lot of rain, 7.50 inches. January 2013 is beginning to mirror last year with more than 5 inches, so far. These amounts were recorded at the Community, Collaborative, Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) station in Lake Tansi. Most will agree, however, that we do not want the rest of 2013 to be a repeat of 2012 when it comes to precipitation.

All CoCoRaHS reporters in the county measured below normal amounts of precipitation for 2012.  Nine to ten inches below the normal amount of 58.95 inches was recorded by most reporters.  The only area of the county to come close to the average was near Monterey, where 57.10 inches was measured for the year.

If you had a hard time growing anything last spring, it was a challenge as February, March, April, May and June combined for nearly 13 inches of rain below normal. Early gardens, hay crops, field crops, etc. suffered from the lack of moisture. Then above normal rainfall came in July, August and September that helped second crop gardens and field crops make decent yields. October and especially November were months below normal again. December rainfall wound up the year just barely above average. January and July were the wettest months, with more than 7.50 inches each. April, June and November were the driest months with only 1.17, 1.48 and 1.64 inches recorded, respectively.

Weather patterns on the Plateau are never the same from year to year. If they were the same, our weather would be boring and we wouldn't have anything to write about and to help start a conversation, but lets hope for a more normal 2013.