Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

July 11, 2013

Tooth fairy suspect in tooth theft

By Michael R. Moser

— An APB (all-points-bulletin) from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department could have included the description of a burglary suspect as being shorter in height than an average human, probably a female with wings on her back, carrying a bag of quarters, another bag of teeth and possibly armed with a wand.

Instead, a suspect identified by a victim in an incident report is more likely the father of a seven-year-old who happens to already be charged with burglarizing the house of a family member where the child is staying.

Deputy Zach Gilpin was dispatched to a residence on Lawson Rd. July 3 after the resident called to report someone had been in her house.

The deputy was told the complainant's grandson had lost a tooth and around 2 a.m., placed the tooth under his pillow. When the grandmother woke up at 7 a.m. and looked under the pillow, the tooth was missing, but in its place was a quarter. The victim added nothing else was missing from the residence.

Gilpin wrote that the victim identified a couple who happen to be parents of her grandson as suspects in the case. Sheriff's Investigator Jerry Jackson confirmed that the father had been charged with breaking into the residence in an unrelated incident.

A search of Tennessee Code Annotated did not show any law making it a crime for the tooth fairy being a cheapskate and only dropping a quarter under the child's pillow.

No arrest has been made.