Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

February 12, 2013

Looking Back

By Dorothy Copus Brush
Chronicle correspondent

CROSSVILLE — February 1900

+The Warner Brothers of the 3rd District have organized a singing class here of nearly 50. The Warners make excellent music, and their work here is expected to result in much improvement of our young people as singers.

+The open door will be maintained in China. A trans-isthmian canal will be built. China will be modernized, and the United States will become the leading commercial and naval power in the Orient.

+The railroad company paid off last Saturday, and things have taken on a rather lurid hue at Crab Orchard as a result.

February 1943

+Big Lick — Ice and sleet broke many trees last week. A continual cracking can be heard among the timber on creeks as limbs and trees fall. Fruit trees of all kinds have large limbs broken.

+The Red Cross surgery dressing room in the high school building is overflowing with material to be folded – thousands and thousands of dressings to be made by volunteer workers. What’s needed are patriotic women who will give their time to ensure the fighting forces are protected against infection.

+For the Duration we suggest that all telephone users observe the following: 1. Be brief as possible. 2. Answer your phone promptly. 3. Call by number. 4. Place long distance calls at “off  peak” hours. 5. Make every telephone minute count since war calls must be handled without delay. 6. Do not call during a blackout.

February 1987

+Several recent cases of rabies in dogs and skunks in the Clarkrange area have been confirmed. A special rabies vaccination clinic for dogs and cats has been scheduled.

+CMC has added direct dialing for patient’s rooms. President Robert Couch said, “As our hospital has grown and the number of phone calls has increased our switchboard has been overrun with phone calls during peak hours.”