Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

February 7, 2013

Panel approves more space for clerk's office

By Gary Nelson
Senior staff writer

CROSSVILLE — The Building and Grounds Committee reviewed space available in the Cumberland County Courthouse and agreed to give County Clerk Jule Bryson additional space in the courthouse that he has been requesting.

Bryson requested the old finance department offices for more storage space and has been requesting such for more than a year.

"I have 15,000 new license plates coming in at one time next year," Bryson said. "I'd like to have Nathan's old offices."

The Cumberland County Finance Department recently moved up to the third floor of the Cumberland County Courthouse in the remodeled office area of the old circuit court clerk, adjacent to the small courtroom. The move allows all of the finance department employees to be located in one office under one roof, rather than being spread out into two offices.

Bryson said he has two employees he will move into Cumberland County Finance Director Nathan Brock's old office for title work on vehicles and use the other portion for storage or possibly weddings.

"Courthouse weddings are still important to some people," Bryson said.

He added that he needed a "decent area" for pictures that didn't have filing cabinets everywhere in the background.

Cumberland County Mayor Kenneth Carey Jr. said he would like to have the other portion of the old finance offices that formerly housed the board of education financial employees for a conference room. It was also previously discussed.

"The mayor needs a conference room for the county's business," said 9th District Commissioner Carmin Lynch.

A small office area adjoining the county mayor's office was decided to be given to Bryson for storage area.

There was a brief debate over the space.

Harry Sabine, 1st District commissioner, made a motion to recommend to the full county commission to give Nathan Brock's old office space and the storage area to Jule Bryson and use the other old office and maintenance area as a conference room for the county mayor.

Larry Allen, 6th District commissioner, supported the motion and it was unanimously approved.

The full county commission will consider the request next.